Google Is Removing Fake Extensions From The Chrome Web Store

The way Google removes fake applications from the Play Store, Google is removing fake extensions from the Chrome Web Store. Because many such extensions are available in the Chrome Web Store, which can steal user data. Google allows only those extensions to be in the web store that follows all the guidelines of Google

In such a situation, users do not have to worry much, however, if the user has already downloaded and installed any fake extension from Google Web Store or other third-party websites, then the user may face problems.

Recently many reports have come out where it has been told that there are many vulnerabilities in the Google Chrome browser as well. In such a situation, how secure is the Google Chrome browser for the user, it is worrying.

Fake Google Chrome Extensions Can Steal Your Data

Google Chrome extensions are very beneficial, but there are some fake extensions available that can steal the data of the users. However, it is very difficult to identify all these fake extensions, so before adding any extension, one should get information about it.

Fake extensions are found in both the Google Chrome web store and third-party websites. Extensions of this type keep running in the background of the device and upload the data to their servers. If the data is consumed without any reason after downloading the extensions, then most of the chances are that the extensions are fake.

Shahnawaz Hussain
Shahnawaz Hussain
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