# 1 Best Smartphone Buying Guide On The Internet.


# 1 Best Smartphone Buying Guide On Internet.
# 1 Best Smartphone Buying Guide On Internet.


We all use smartphones, but when we go to buy a new smartphone, we should identify and purchase the best smartphone among the smartphones available in the market, so that as long as you use it, there is no problem with the smartphone.

Therefore, I will give you a Smartphone Buying Guide so that you do not have any problem buying a new smartphone.

So now the question is how do we find the best smartphone? and what things should we keep in mind while buying a smartphone?


And the answer is, When buying a smartphone, we must think about our budget, how much money we have to pay to buy a new smartphone. then Android or iPhone?


If you want to buy iPhone then you will not get any option but if you want to buy an Android smartphone then you will get many options to buy the right smartphone.


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Because smartphone companies make smartphones according to different prices, so that anyone who needs a phone for that purpose, buys the phone at the right price.


If you have set your budget, now you have to pay attention to the 


  • Processor, 

  • Camera, 

  • Battery and Charging

  • Display

  • Glass or plastic back

  • Ram and Rom

  • Screen protection


If these components are best in class on your selected smartphone then you should definitely buy the smartphone.

How To Find The Best Processor Smartphone In Android


To find the best processor smartphone, you have to know which processor is available in the market right now.


Most smartphones use Qualcomm Snapdragon processors. Because the processors of Qualcomm Snapdragon are more powerful and battery efficient.


And Qualcomm is constantly updating its processors so that smartphone owners get a good performance.


We recommend you choose the latest processor of Qualcomm Snapdragon for any smartphone. You have to select those processors of Qualcomm which are 6 months old from the day you are viewing the processor.

In IPhones 


All iPhones are launched with Apple’s latest processors, in which you will not have any problem with the performance.


Therefore, if you expect the best performance from your smartphone for a long time, then you should buy an Apple iPhone. Because Android slows down over time.

Select Amoled / IPS LCD Display


I will recommend buying a phone with an AMOLED display. Because in AMOLED display you will get to see better color, black level and contrast in comparison to IPS LCD display.


If you watch movies, Netflix, or watch multimedia on the otter OTT platform, then you will get a better experience in the AMOLED display.


Apart from this, you get to see AMOLED displays are more battery efficient, which increases the battery life of your smartphone.


If your budget is low then you will not get the AMOLED display but IPS LCD displays are also good enough.

Select Screen Resolution


Resolution is the most important thing in a smartphone’s display. Most smartphones will be available in the market in which you get different types of screen resolutions. But in most smartphones, you get a Full HD + display. 

So you have to consider the phone with a Full HD+ display, if your budget is high then you will also get a smartphone With a Quad HD Display (2K).


Screen Refresh Rate 


Today, the trend of screen refresh rate has increased significantly in 2021. Because in the market soo many smartphones come with a high refresh rate display. In the high refresh rate, you will get to see 90Hz or 120Hz displays.


With the help of a high screen refresh rate, you can get a buttery smoothness while scrolling on your smartphone’s display or while playing games.


If you want to buy an iPhone then you will get only a simple 60Hz display.

Screen Protection


Screen protection is important because our phones often fall from our hands. So our smartphone has good glass security.


I would recommend you to buy the phone that comes with Gorilla Glass 4 or above.

Avoid Heavy Phones


You should avoid heavy phones that are above 200 gms because if you live outside too much and your phone is in your pocket, you will feel uncomfortable with heavy phones.


And heavy phones cannot be used for a long time because using a heavy phone for a long time will cause pain in your hands and you will feel uncomfortable.


Battery and Charging 


For a normal user, there will be a 4500 mAh battery sufficient. There are so many phones in the market that comes up to 6000 mah and 7000 mah but that makes the phone very heavy, which can cause you a problem.


My recommendation will be that you can choose a smartphone with a 4500 Mah battery and a 30W or above charging supported smartphone.


If I talk about iPhone then the battery backup of the iPhone is very good because the iPhones are more optimized than android.


But in the charging technology, Android is far ahead of iPhones. Nowadays, soo many smartphones in the market come with the charging technology of 30W, 33W 50W 55W 60W 65W even 100W, and 120W so that you can fully charge your phone in less than an hour.

Glass or Plastic Back


I do not know how many of you use the phone without a cover. If you keep the cover in your phone then your plastic back is also fine.


But the glass-backed phone looks very good and they don’t get any scratches easily.

Ram and Rom


Nowadays, the smartphone gets RAM variants of up to 4GB,  6GB, 8GB, 12GB, but for a normal user, a smartphone with 4GB or 6GB RAM will remain as sufficient.


And storage type is also an important thing so you should consider the smartphone has UFS 2.1 or more is good.


Talking about the end ROM, 128GB is a good option because today the smartphone camera has high megapixels like 64 or 108 megapixels.


Due to this, the size of the photos increases a lot. Due to which storage is quickly filled up.


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How to choose Best Camera Smartphone 


Megapixels are not required to take the best photo. The optimization of the camera is the most important.


Everyone knows how good the iPhone camera is. However, only a 12-megapixel camera is available on iPhone.


But in some phones of Samsung and Xiaomi, you can take a slightly better photo than iPhone.


Also in Google Pixel phones, you can capture a good quality picture.


Pay more attention to both Ultrawide and the main camera sensors because we don’t need 108-megapixel cameras at this time.


And the macro camera is not important in a smartphone so you can avoid this. 

And also you see which smartphone gives you the best camera features. Because camera features are important in a smartphone. 


Lastly, Let’s Talk About Os And Ui


Friends UI and os, these two should be good in every smartphone. Because if an OS and UI are good then the user experience also is good when a user is using their smartphone.


In the last 2-3 years, every smartphone company has improved its OS to improve user experience.


If you get Stock Android on some phones then it is a good thing but companies’ own UI is also very good.


# 1 Best Smartphone Buying Guide On Internet: Final Words


I will give you all information about Smartphone Buying Guide. So lastly I hope that after reading this article on Smartphone Buying Guide, you will be able to get the correct decision.

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