Signal Private Messenger Is Better Than WhatsApp In 2022

Signal private messenger is better than WhatsApp in 2021
Signal private messenger is better than WhatsApp in 2022

For the past few months, the Signal app has become very popular, due to, WhatsApp’s new privacy policy law. So what is in the privacy policy of WhatsApp due to which the signal app is becoming so popular?

Why Signal App is better than WhatsApp?

The security features of the Signal App make it better than WhatsApp. Because your security is the most important, we will pay more attention to security than features.

The signal messaging app is an open-source app that anyone can easily detect if there is a fault associated with security.

Not only this, the CEO of Tesla (the world’s most popular electric car company), also told everyone to use the Signal messaging app.

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The work of both the Signal messenger app and WhatsApp is only to be communicated with messages through the internet. But Whatsapp gives you a lot of features apart from communicating so that you can also entertain your friends or family.

Facebook company add a lot of features in WhatsApp from their other app Instagram and Facebook. The signal app is growing slowly. Currently, there are 20-30 million active users on the signal.

How Safe Is the Signal app

The Signal app is so secure that this app makes it is the most secure app in the world. The Signal app does not collect any data of any of its users except the user’s phone number.

The signal app is also end-to-end encrypted like WhatsApp, but the backup of WhatsApp that remains in your mobile is not encrypted. But the signal app is completely end-to-end encrypted.

In the signal app, Your video call is also protected with end-to-end encryption. And the best feature of this is that if you make a video call to someone, then your call is connected to a different server so that no one can track your location.

Like a VPN, your location is also changed in the video call on the signal so that no one knows your location.

The signal app does not keep any metadata of your text message so that anyone can find out how long you have talked.

The signal does not require any data or any permission from your phone, you can use it without any problem without giving any permission.

Difference between WhatsApp and The signal App

The biggest difference between Signal App and WhatsApp is that Signal App is safer and more secure. But in WhatsApp, you get more features than signals, which makes it much easier to use WhatsApp.

To use WhatsApp you will have to give a lot of permission to WhatsApp. But there is no need to give you any permission to use the Signal app


Is signal more secure than WhatsApp? 

Yes, the signal app is much more secure than WhatsApp. Whatsapp collects all your data such as location, phone number, and information of mobile, your search history WhatsApp will create a unique Advertiser ID in your name. and with the help of this WhatsApp will show you the targeted ads.

Apart from this, WhatsApp will also share your data with other third-party companies. The signal does not save any data of its user on its server.

Is the Signal app available for desktops or not?

Yes, the signal’s desktop app is also available. You can easily download the app signal for any desktop or Mac from the official website of the signal.

Who is signal owned by?

The signal is an app created by a private organization. It is owned by Signal Technology Foundation and Signal Messenger LLC.
The signal performs its work by relying on donations. The signal does not share any of its user data with anyone.

What makes the Signal app special?

There is a strict rule of the Signal app that they will always pay attention to their user privacy. The signal will always be open source and will never share its user data with any ad network companies.

Why is everyone leaving WhatsApp for Signal?

As you all know, WhatsApp was bought by Facebook in 2014. And Facebook has been accused a lot of times that it sharing its user data with other companies.

A few months ago WhatsApp introduce a new privacy policy law for its users, in which WhatsApp said that it would share its user data with other companies.

When people came to know about WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, people were worried about their privacy. So people who do not want to share their privacy with anyone have shifted to the signal app.

And I also want to tell you that you should not give your privacy in someone’s hands for some features.

Is the Signal app capable to handle heavy traffic?

Yes. The signal app is capable to handle heavy traffic. Signal App has currently made its servers much bigger so that Signal App can handle more and more traffic. Due to the good server, the users will not face any problems in chatting even if the traffic is high.

Does The Signal App Have More Features Than WhatsApp?

No, the signal is a simple and secure messaging app, here you do not get many features like WhatsApp. But according to your normal use, you can make groups here.

But as the signal users grow and people donate, then new features will be added to the signal. Even in 2022, the Signal app has fewer features than WhatsApp. Because WhatsApp is the app of Facebook and Facebook is a very big company.

At present, the UPI feature has also been added to WhatsApp, with the help of which WhatsApp can also be used to make UPI payments.


I want to say that if you want to keep your data safe and you do not want anyone to see your personal chat, then you should use signal private messenger. If you want more features then you can use WhatsApp.

I hope you get to know the exact reason why Signal private messenger is better than WhatsApp in 2022 from our post.

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