The Hype Of The Pokémon Go Mobile Game Is Coming To An End

The game has been quite popular ever since the Pokémon franchise released the game under the name Pokémon Go in 2016. But for the last 2-3 years, the popularity of this game has declined significantly.

The biggest reason for this game’s lack of hype is the battle royale games. Apart from realistic graphics, amazing gameplay is also seen in all these new battle royale games. Also, all these games are multiplayer games, due to which after playing these games once, the gamers feel very much like playing this game back.

At present, battle royale games like Call Of Duty, PubG, etc. are becoming very popular and the number of active players is increasing day by day. All these games have damaged not only the Pokémon GO game but also many old popular games.

Possibility To Bring The Pokémon Go Game Back To Popularity

No mobile game becomes popular the very next day after its launch, it takes a while for a game to get success. Because no game is perfect in the beginning, and most importantly, at the time of launching the game, the company does not earn any money from the game, that is why the company has not been able to spend on the development of the game.

After getting the success of the game, if the gameplay remains good for a long time and players are always attracted by that game, then the hype of the game never ends. But once another game eliminates the hype of that game, then it becomes a bit difficult to bring that game back to the hype.

To keep the game always in the hype, one has to always add interesting things to the game, as well as update the game from time to time. Because if there is nothing new in the game, then the game gradually becomes boring.

If the company does a little work in improving the gameplay and experience of the pokemon go game a little bit, then maybe this game can come back into the hype because the hype of this game is not completely over yet.

Shahnawaz Hussain
Shahnawaz Hussain
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