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How To Use Internet In Other Countries

How To Use Internet In Other Countries
The right way to use internet abroad

It is very easy to use the internet while traveling in any country. Because there are many methods that can be used to access the Internet.  In this post, 6 such methods have been told, using which you will be able to use the internet in any country of the world. Some of these methods are paid and some are free.

The biggest problem in foreign countries is the Internet, but at present, the technology has become so advanced that you can use the Internet in any corner of the world. Still, you should know the right way for this. Otherwise, both your time and money may be wasted.

1. Use Pocket Wifi Devices

Pocket Wifi Devices have become the most preferred device of Travellers in recent times. Because by using it, up to 5-10 GB of the internet can be used in an emergency in any corner of the world. Because with this 10GB internet you will not be able to do online video streaming or downloading properly.

Pocket Wifi Devices are a bit expensive but their benefits are very high. If you want to go to another country, you will have to spend a little money. With these devices, internet support in almost all the countries of the world is available, so whenever you go to any country, take this device with you.

2. Use Free Internet Tools

There are many apps in the Google Play Store that connect your device to the Internet. Although all or all applications are paid, that’s why you have to make monthly or one-time payments to use these apps. You can use these apps only if you already have a SIM card active on your device.

The biggest advantage of using these apps is that they are easy to use. You can read a detailed post about this (How To Get Unlimited Data For Free). By which you will be able to know all the tricks. 

3. Use Broadband Internet

Broadband internet connection is available in almost all the countries of the world. The biggest advantage of broadband internet is that it has a stable internet connection, you can also use it. Broadband internet is also available very cheap in many countries. However, its biggest disadvantage is that broadband internet connection can be used only in one particular place.

If you are going to work in any country, then you can install a broadband connection in your room although you cannot use it while you are roaming. While traveling, you should choose other options so that you can use the internet in any corner of the country.

4. Buy Local Sim Cards

You can buy sim cards from the local company of the country you are going to visit. By taking a SIM card, you have two benefits, first, you will be able to use the internet with it, and secondly, you will be able to make calls too.

There are a few things you should keep in mind while buying SIM cards. Because if you buy the wrong SIM card, then you will not get any benefit. Whenever you go out of your country, do research about the best telecommunication company in that country. Buy sim card only from the company which provides good internet and good quality network.

5. Use Wifi

Free WiFi is available in public places in any country. You can also use this free wifi for emergencies. However, free WiFi is not a permanent solution for using the Internet in other countries. That’s why it is very important to have a sim card with you.

You will also get to see free wifi in hotels in all countries, when you stay in hotels, you will be able to use hotel wifi. But keep this in mind, whenever you go to book a hotel, first check whether free wifi is available or not.

6. Recharge Of international Plans In Your Sim Card

You can recharge international packs with your SIM card even before going abroad. With this, you will not even need to go to another country to buy a SIM card and find free wifi. Recharge for international plans can be a bit costly, but it can save you time. But recharge international plans also have some disadvantages because you may not get a proper network in other countries.

You can find out through online videos or blogs, whether your existing SIM card is capable of receiving networks abroad properly. Otherwise, your international recharge plan money may be wasted.


Can I Use Internet In Another Country?

Yes, the internet is available in all countries of the world, so you can use it. But it is most important for you to use the right method.

How Can I Get Internet Access Anywhere?

Yes, you can access the Internet from anywhere. All you need is a network. Because without signal and network connection the internet cannot be used.

What Is The Best Way To Get Internet While Traveling?

The best way to use the Internet is to buy a local SIM card from the same country while traveling. Although you can get low-speed internet on this

Can I Use Wifi Internationally For Free?

Yes, you can use WiFi from any country on your device. However, you will get free wifi only in limited places like railway stations, airports, shopping malls, cafes, hotels, etc.

Is There A Sim Card That Works All Over The World?

Yes. With TravelSIM’s SIM card, you can use the Internet in 170 countries of the world. You can check the official website of TravelSIM about whether the country you want to go to supports this card or not.

How Do I Use My Sim Card In Another Country?

You can recharge your sim with international plans and after that, your sim card will work in another country also.

Can I Use My Phone Internationally?

Yes. You can use your smartphone all over the world. There is no such limitation in a smartphone. You can use a smartphone in any country in the world.


All the methods given in this post have been used before, so none of the methods is bad for you. However, buying a local SIM card will be beneficial for you to use the Internet. Whatever method is beneficial for you, you should use the same to use the Internet in foreign countries. At present, the internet is easily available in all the countries of the world.



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