These 3 Pdf Compressor Apps Have Been Rated 4 Stars By Android Users

There are many pdf compressor apps for Android available in Google Play Store, however, most of the apps do not work properly. In such a situation, these 3 apps have been well-liked by Android users and these apps have also been rated 4 stars and above by the users.

3 of these apps are free for all, in spite of being free, this app is performing very well and users are very satisfied with these 3 apps. According to the people, using these 3 apps, the file can be compressed without losing the quality of the pdf file.

1. Compress PDF File By Smartapps38

Compress PDF is the best compressor app because the file size of this app is only 4.5 MB. But despite having such a small size, it is also very beneficial. People have given a lot of positive responses about this app.

Currently, this app has 5 million+ downloads in the google play store, People say that the app is very good and secure, that’s why the users have also recommended this app to other users.

2. PDF Compress By Jarvis42 Studio

People are very happy with using this app made by app developing company Jarvis42, users have given a lot of positive reviews about this app, that’s why this app is also on 2nd no of top 3 pdf compressor apps.

However, only 1K+ download of this app has happened in Google Play Store. But people liked this app a lot.

3. PDF Utils By shash9989

This app called PDF Utils is only 8.8 MB, and this app has got a rating of 4.4 in Google Play Store. Apart from this, there are currently 1 million + downloads of this app. However, in this app, you see more ads than in other pdf compressor apps.

However, by using this app, you can compress any PDF file without losing its quality. Also, a lot of users in the Google Play Store have also written very good reviews about this app. Although there are some drawbacks of this app too, most of the time you are going to get benefits from this app.

Shahnawaz Hussain
Shahnawaz Hussain
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