What Is Tracking Prevention In Microsoft Edge?

What Is Tracking Prevention In Microsoft Edge?: Microsoft Edge Tracking Prevention is a very good feature for all of you who need full security on the Internet. Tracking Prevention is a security feature given in Microsoft’s Edge browser, using which you can increase the security of your Internet.


All of you use the Internet, but not everyone is too worried about their security. Because most people do not have much knowledge about technology and all these security features. That’s why through this post, we are going to tell you all what is tracking prevention in Microsoft Edge and how will you use it so that you can increase your security.


What Is Tracking Prevention In Microsoft Edge?
What Is Tracking Prevention In Microsoft Edge?



How Microsoft Edge Tracking Prevention Increases Security


Tracking Prevention prevents all kinds of tracking activity from being tracked in your Edge browser.  Whenever you search anything on the Internet from any browser or visit any website


Then whatever link, text, ad, etc. you click on and what is your interest, all that data is tracked so that advertisers can show you targeted ads and sell you products. 


To avoid this tracking, Microsoft has given a feature in the Edge browser called Tracking Prevention. Using this, you can keep your browser and internet activity safe



To use tracking prevention in the Edge browser, you need to enable it. Only then this feature will work and will keep your data safe.


If you want to make your smartphone secure then read this post.


How to Enable or Disable Tracking Prevention in Microsoft Edge?


Enabling Tracking Prevention in the Microsoft Edge browser is very easy. For this, you have to follow some simple steps. All the steps are given below. 


  1. Open Microsoft Edge browser.
  2. Open settings option,
  3. Click on the Privacy Search and services option,
  4. Select Balanced Or Strict Option according to your needs.
  5. On the Block trackers Option add the website URL if you do not want any particular website to not track your data.
  6. On the Privacy Option, Enable Send Do Not track Request Option.


If you want to disable the Tracking Prevention From your Microsoft Edge browser then simply go to the privacy settings section and turn off the tracking prevention option


Can I Use Tracking Prevention In Chrome


There is no feature like Tracking Prevention in Google Chrome so that you can increase the security of your Internet. 


In Google Chrome, you get very good privacy features like privacy sandbox and safe browsing option. 


Privacy sandbox protects you from targeting individual ads and safe browsing only shows you the data of all clean websites in Google search results. 


Does Microsoft Edge Track Your Data


The edge browser tracks your cookies, and other data to show you targeted ads. But apart from this none of your personal information is tracked by the edge browser. 


But you can stop all these trackings by using tracking prevention. That’s why if you use the Microsoft Edge browser, then you must use Tracking Prevention.


Some Of The Frequently Asked Questions About What Is Tracking Prevention In Microsoft Edge?



What Is A Tracker Prevention?


Tracking Prevention is a security feature available in the Microsoft Edge browser. If you are a Microsoft edge user then enable this setting to improve the security of your browsing data.


How Do I Stop Microsoft Edge From Tracking?


If you think Microsoft edge browser is tracking your data, then you should enable tracking prevention. But the Microsoft Edge browser does not track your personal data, it only tracks your internet browsing interest.


Is Do Not Track Safe?


Do not track is a very safe and right method to hide on the internet. But don’t think it’s completely safe, because the internet providers can track your internet history.


Where Do I Find Tracking Prevention In Microsoft Edge?


You can find tracking prevention in the settings section of the Microsoft Edge browser. Click on the settings and then click on the Privacy, search, and services option.


Which Is Tracking Prevention Setting Should You Use In?


In tracking prevention, you get three options to select. We recommend that you select the balance or strict option so that you will get maximum security.


Is There A Way To Block Trackers On Microsoft Edge?


Yes, tracking prevention mode gives you the way to block trackers on the Microsoft Edge browser. 


Is It Safe To Use Anti Tracking On Microsoft Edge?


Yes, it’s completely safe to use Anti-tracking on Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge is a very safe and secure browser. You can definitely use them to increase the security of your browsing activity.


What Is Tracking Prevention In Microsoft Edge?: The Final Conclusion


tracking prevention is a very good security feature for all edge browser users. If you use a different browser, then you should also use the Microsoft Edge browser once and definitely use Tracking Protection. This will make you feel more secure on the internet.


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