How To Organize Apps On iPhone (iOS 16)

Now you will be able to Organize Apps On iPhone using some of the latest features of iOS 16. Because Apple has recently launched the latest version of iOS i.e. iOS 16. Many new features and customization options have been added to iOS 16.

However, iOS 16 still has much fewer customization features than Android. Still, this new version is much more improved than iOS 15. If you are still using iOS 15 then first update the phone to iOS 16.

What Is App Drawer On iPhone?

The meaning of the app drawer in the iPhone is that all the apps that have been installed in the iPhone as well as all the apps that the company has already installed and kept listed according to a list. 

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How To Organize Iphone Apps Aesthetically

To Aesthetically Organize Apps on iPhone, you have to first look at the icons of the apps and see their style, and you can organize the apps in the way you want to place the apps.

The best way to organize apps aesthetically is to put apps in 2 lines on each screen, so you can access 6 or 8 apps on each home screen at once.

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How To Organize Apps On iPhone With Widget

To organize the home screen with the help of a Widget, you should create a Widget for all those apps, which the app uses more. Widgets take up more space on your home screen than apps. That’s why the apps that you use the most, keep them first and keep the widgets of the rest of the apps till the last page.

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Is There An Easier Way To Organize Apps On iPhone?

No, you don’t find any easy way to organize apps other than Apps Manager on iPhone. You will have to organize all the apps on your phone yourself according to your needs and uses.

How Do I Arrange iPhone App Icons?

No, You cannot change the app icons in the iPhone yourself, because there is no feature provided in iOS to change the icons of the apps.

What Does App Drawer Look Like?

The app drawer is a list of all the apps that are installed on your own iPhone or other smartphones. All the apps are listed alphabetically in the app drawer.

Does iPhone Have App Drawer?

There is an app library on the iPhone. The app drawer and the iPhone’s app library are both similar. All the apps listed will be seen in both. But you will get to see fewer features in the app library of the iPhone as compared to Android.

How Do I Open Hidden Apps?

In iPhone, you cannot directly hide any apps, but if you have installed the app and want to bring it from the app library to the home screen. So you have to hold the app in the app library and when a new pop-up comes in it, you have to click on the option of moving to the home screen.

How Do I Name A Folder On My iPhone?

To name any folder on the phone, you have to create a new folder or rename the already created folder. First, select the folder, click on the option of Rename, delete the previous name and write a new name and click on the done option.

How can I organize my iPhone apps faster?

The easiest way to customize iPhone apps fast is to put the most used apps in the first position.

How do I get my iPhone to automatically organize apps faster?

Apps are not organized automatically on the iPhone, you have to organize the apps according to your need. Put all the important apps first so that you can easily access those apps.

Why is it so difficult to organize apps on iPhone?

Apple does not provide many options and features of customization in ios, which is why you find it difficult to customize. However, you can customize the apps to a great extent by moving them back and forth.


It is very easy to organize the home screen of the iPhone, although you get fewer customization features in the iPhone than in the Android, then you can easily organize the apps in the iPhone according to what you need.

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