Installing Windows 11 Decrease The Performance Of My PC?

What if your PC performance suffers after installing Windows 11?

To test it, we installed Windows 11 on our PC, and after that used it for about 1 week, we will inform you today about the result we got.

So that you can get complete information about Windows 11, and what was our experience after installing it.

Does Installing Windows 11 Decrease The Performance Of My PC?

Installing Windows 11 does not decrease the performance of your PC. But during gaming, you may get less performance in some apps. Apart from this, you will find Windows 11 better for normal tasks like browsing, video editing, streaming, etc.

But still, if you do not use Windows properly, then the performance of your computer may be down. Performance is very important for any laptop or computer. So that you do not have any problem using it daily.

Ever since Microsoft launched Windows 11, a lot has been going on in everyone’s mind about Windows 11.

Why Update to Windows 11?

Windows 11 is a better operating system than all other Windows operating systems in terms of look and feel.

Windows 11 is the newest operating system from Microsoft which was launched in 2021. So that those who are bored using Windows 7,8,10 get a refreshment and all Windows users get a new user experience.

Along with this, security has also been kept in mind in Windows 11. So that the user does not have to take a separate antivirus for the security of their computer or laptop.

The look of Windows 11 has also been greatly improved. In Windows 11, the icons, navigation, etc. have been changed so that the user can enjoy all the icons.

If you are also bored with Windows 7,8,10 then Windows 11 is a better solution for you. That’s why you must update your Windows operating system.

Advantages of Installing Windows 11

  1. Improve performance
  2. Better coins
  3. Better Security Features
  4. Better Optimization

Disadvantages of Installing Windows 11

  1. Installation problem
  2. Not supported in the old laptops/computers
  3. troubleshooting problems

How to Install/use Windows 11 properly

To properly install Windows 11, you must read the Windows 11 Installation Guide. Because if you made any mistake in upgrading Windows, then all your data may be lost.

Video tutorial on installing windows 11

You can use Windows 11 in the same way as you have already used Windows 7,8,10. But after installing Windows 11, you should not install antivirus.

If you use antivirus then you will probably see a drop in performance. Apart from this, do not install any external app in Windows 11. In Windows 11, you will also be able to install Android applications or APKs.

difference between Windows 7,8,10 and Windows 11?

The difference between Windows 7,8,10 and Windows 11 is that Windows 11 comes with more modern features.

Windows 11 is more beautiful. And comes with a Smooth User Appearance and New Features.

best windows os of all time?

Microsoft has launched many versions of Windows OS, but Windows 7 is the best Windows OS till 2023. This 7th generation of Windows was launched on October 22, 2009. Since then, millions of people are crazy about it because it was simple to all other versions and according the time, many advanced features were also available in Windows 7.

which is the best os for you?

Windows 10 is also a very good option in 2023 because Windows 10 is the best OS for every gamer, video editor, YouTuber, software developer, etc. Windows 11 is still very new, and it is not well supported in most 2-3-year-old pc or laptops. If your pc or laptop is old then you may have difficulty installing it.


Can my PC run Windows 11?

If you do not know whether your PC will be able to run Windows 11 or not, then you can read the requirements of Windows 11.

Is Windows 11 leaked?

No. Microsoft has officially launched Windows 11.

Will upgrading to Windows 10 improve performance?

Yes, but It will depend on what is the specification of your pc.

Which Windows is best for performance?

Microsoft has tried to make Windows better with every update. That’s why you will get the best performance in the latest version of Windows Windows 11.

How can I get Windows 11 now?

You can get Windows 11 from Microsoft’s official website or any computer shop near you.

Will all Windows 10 PC get Windows 11?

Yes. You Can Update All Windows 10 PCs to Windows 11.

Does Windows 10 slow down older computers?

No, Update Windows regularly so that you get a better performance

What are the disadvantages of Windows 10?

Windows 10 comes in a very classic style. Apart from this, there is no other special disadvantage of this.

Will Windows 10 make old computers faster?

No, If your computer is too old, then Windows 11 can’t make your computer fast.

Will I get Windows 11 for free?

Yes, Windows 11 is also available for free. you can install it for free.

Is Windows 11 update available now?

Yes, Windows 11 update is available. 

Do Windows 10 users get Windows 11 for free?

Yes, Windows 11 is currently available for free.

Who all will get Windows 11?

You will find Windows 11 on the official website of Microsoft Windows only.

When can we get Windows 11?

Windows 11 is launched You can download it whenever you want.

Will updating to Windows 11 cause any performance degradation?

If your computer or laptop is not very old then you will not see any performance degradation after installing Windows 11. We would recommend that you upgrade to Windows 11 so that you can have a better user experience.

How is Windows 11 performing?

Windows 11 operating system is optimized very well. So that no one gets any shortfall in the performances. That’s why you will be able to use it very easily and you do not have to worry about the performance.


Windows 11 is Microsoft’s most beautiful and feature-loaded operating system to date. You must use it and enjoy it. But if you want good performance then it would be good for you to use Windows 10.

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