How Much Cloud Storage Do I Need

At the time of buying a subscription from premium cloud storage, the biggest confusion remains, how many GB of cloud storage do we actually need?

Because if you do not take cloud storage according to your needs, You may buy more storage than you need, and it can also waste your money.

There are many cloud storage providers available in the market and the price of all cloud storage providers is different, Most cloud storage providers also give you a variety of features.

So that’s why you have to first decide from which cloud storage providers you want to get cloud storage.

For a Normal User

Not all normal users need more cloud storage. Because for normal use only the internal storage of smartphones, laptops, computers, etc. is enough for all the users.

But when a normal user needs cloud storage to store some important files, then they can buy a minimum of 10Gb to 50Gb of cloud storage.

For Gamers

A normal gamer requires 100GB to 250GB of cloud storage. If you want to play heavy games on your device, you should buy cloud storage from 500GB to 1TB to never run out of storage space.

Cloud storage is important for every gamer because they need a lot of space in their hard drive or SSD to play their favorite games. That’s why gamers need to remove their other data from their hard drive or SSD in cloud storage so that their device can run games smoothly.

For Smartphone Users.

Cloud storage from 10GB to 100GB is best for Smartphone users because smartphone users do not carry more heavy files on their smartphones.

At the time of buying a smartphone, a lot of people make a mistake and buy the wrong smartphone and bring it. Due to this later along with the lack of storage, other problems also appear on the smartphone.

That is why it becomes very important for us to buy the right smartphone. You can also read our Smartphone Buying Guide which will help you to buy the right smartphone.

For Desktop Users

Laptop computer users always carry more heavy files on their devices. Due to this people always feel a lack of storage. That’s why they should buy cloud storage from 100Gb to 1Tb.

To Store Only Movies and Videos

4K, 2K, or 1080p videos are very large in size, due to which you need more storage capacity to store the videos. We will recommend you buy cloud storage from 200Gb to 1Tb so that you will not have any problems.

I would recommend you not use any cloud storage to store movies. Because it is a waste of money, you should use cloud storage only to store important files.

For College Students

Cloud storage proves to be very beneficial for college students. Because they do not have to carry the actual files of those documents with them after uploading the important documents to the cloud storage.

That is why all college students must use cloud storage so that they also get this facility. Cloud storage of space from 5GB to 50GB for college students should take.

Measure How Much Cloud Storage We Need

How many GB of cloud storage we need depends on many factors. Because everyone has different usage rules. But we have made this post keeping all the factors in mind to meet the needs of all the users. Accurate information has been provided for all in this article.

According to your needs, decide how many GB of cloud storage you need. After that, you see which cloud storage is best for you, which cloud storage provides you with more security and good features at the right price, and buy a subscription from that cloud storage only.


How do I know how much cloud storage I need?

To know how much cloud storage you need, you should pay attention to the storage capacity of your device, in how much time your device’s storage was full.

Calculate the amount of time your device’s internal storage gets filled up and see how many important files you have that you always want to keep with you. You can calculate the size of all those files and buy cloud storage accordingly.

Is it worth paying for cloud storage?

Cloud storage is worth paying for because cloud storage gives you many features that an exclusive hard drive or SSD cannot provide.

Is 50GB a lot of storage?

50GB cloud storage is too much for a normal user. But it depends on how much cloud storage you use.

How many GB are 1000 pictures?

You can store 1000 pictures in 2GB to 5GB of storage, however, nowadays due to high megapixels cameras, the file size of the pictures becomes very large.

Is 100 GB a lot of storage?

Yes. If you get 100GB of cloud storage then this is enough for you.

Is 30GB a lot of storage?

Yes, 30GB of cloud storage can prove to be very beneficial for you.

How much cloud space does Google Drive give you?

Google Drive gives you 15GB of free cloud storage. Everything from emails to photos can be stored in a free 15GB cloud storage in a Google account.

Is 10GB a lot of storage?

Yes, You must use 10GB of cloud storage.

How many GB do I need for iCloud backup?

How many GB of space do you need to back up iCloud, depending on how much storage you have on your iPhone.

What is the price of cloud storage?

The cost of cloud storage varies because there are many cloud storage providers. That is why you can read our article so that you will know which cloud storage is best for you.

Why does iCloud storage get full?

The reason why iCloud storage becomes full is that you store more data in it.

How many GB are 2000 photos?

2000 pictures can be stored in 5 GB to 10 GB storage only. However, due to the camera’s picture size being more or less, sometimes you can store more photos in 5-10gb cloud storage only.

Is 200GB of iCloud enough?

Yes. 200GB of iCloud storage is enough. But it also depends on how much you use.


Cloud storage is a good storage solution. However, here some are free and some are paid for. Paid cloud storage is better than free one. That is why you should also choose better cloud storage. so that there will be no problem in the future.

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