3 Ways How to Change Font in Notes iOS 14

Typing notes for business while traveling is much easier for iPhone users with the native Notes app. It allows typing on your phone’s virtual keyboard. Changing the font for the iOS 14 Notes app is fairly straightforward, just like changing document fonts.   

In this post, you’ll find the best tutorial on how to change font in Notes iOS 14 easily and quickly. If you are experimenting with the following methods for the first time, implement every step carefully to get better results.

Change Font in Notes App

Click the Home button under the iPhone’s touch-sensitive screen. Now, hit on the Settings icon on the home screen and then tap Notes. You will see a list of fonts. Click the font name to choose. For example, Chalkboard, Helvetica.

Click Home and then tap Notes. Restart the Notes app on your iPhone. Now, you can use the Notes app with a designated font. Marker Felt is the new standard you can also change in Mac OS X Notes app. You can even install fonts macOS are compatible with for interactive note writing.

Use Font Keyboard App

Another solution to how to change font in Notes iOS 14 is to use a font keyboard app. Install an app that works like a keyboard with numerous fonts. Select an app that is free and features a variety of new fonts.

After installing the required app, open the Notes app and bring up your default keyboard. Tap and scroll your finger down on the Globe key. Pick the recently installed keyboard and access a list of fonts. Select the required font and return to the default keyboard.  

Format Text in iPhone Notes App

iPhone users can change the Notes font to a title, italics, bold, or heading with quick style gestures. Access the Notes app and create a new note or select the previous one. Select the required text by clicking Select for one word and Select All for the entire text.

Click and hold ‘Aa’ in the keyboard toolbar. Move your finger up the list. Now, choose the required format and then release your finger. It will change the selected text to the style you choose. On simply clicking Aa without holding it, you’ll get the Format options.

Fix Notes App Blank Problem on iPhone

Some users claim that the Notes app is blank on their iPhones. It is not showing anything on opening it. All the notes disappeared. The main reason for this issue is a syncing problem between iPhone and Apple’s servers.

To fix this issue, you can simply restart your device. The issue of sudden app crashes or apps not working problems can be fixed by turning off and then turning on the device. If it doesn’t prove successful, try the following troubleshooting tips.

  • Relaunch or Reinstall Notes

Swipe up from the screen bottom to get the App Switcher. Move up the Notes card and force quit the Notes app. Return to the Home Screen and re-open Notes. If notes are still missing, try reinstalling Notes.

Reinstalling notes is good when notes are completely blank. Delete or uninstall the app and install it again to give it a fresh start. Click General in Settings and tap iPhone Storage. Find Notes and select Offload App. After confirming the offloading, click Reinstall.

  • Sync iCloud

An iPhone with no internet connection can fail to load the text saved on the cloud. So, check iCloud syncing by turning it off and on. Turning off iCloud Notes will remove all the notes if the Notes app doesn’t work or open.

Move to Settings and click on your Apple ID. Now, tap iCloud and find Show All in ‘Sync with iCloud’. Then, click on the Notes button, disable ‘Sync this iPhone’, and select Delete from My iPhone. It will remove notes from your device but save them on iCloud.

  • Update iOS

If you’re running an outdated iPhone operating system version, update it to the new one. It will help in enjoying the new features and smoother performance. Click General in Settings and then on Software Update.

Sometimes lack of storage makes several apps crash or stop working, and Notes is not an exception. So, free up space by uninstalling unwanted apps, deleting unused documents and message attachments, and using iCloud Photo Library.

The Conclusion

Apple’s native Notes app is extremely convenient for creating documents by typing on a virtual keyboard. The composed notes can then be shared with anyone through email or moving to your computer. You can even choose different font options as default in Notes.

So, if you’re attending any meeting or conference while traveling, jot down thoughts and important things using notes. When you need to change the scribble-like font to make it look good, use the effective ways discussed above.

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