6 Useful Apps For Instagram Users 

These 6 useful apps for Instagram users will help you get more likes on your posts, and gain more followers. Not only this but using these apps can also give a professional look to your Instagram profile.

All the apps are available for android and ios, and also the official web version of these apps, so desktop users will also be able to use these apps. Instagram is the most popular social media application, so the more optimized your profile, the more professional you will look. 

1. BlindStory

The BlindStory app will help you to check someone’s stories without leaving any traces. This app is available for both Android and iOS platforms, and it is completely free. However, in its free version, you will get to see targeted ads. 

To use the BlindStory app, you have to download the official version of this app from the Google Play Store or Appstore. Stories and highlights can be downloaded in HD quality using this app. This app will automatically save any story to your smartphone’s internal storage.

BlindStory Key Features

  1. Instantly Download Story
  2. Watch Safely Without Leaving a Trace
  3. Automatically Save New Stories to Device
  4. Be Notified When There are New Stories
  5. See HD Profile Picture
BlindStory Download link

2. StoryLab – Story Maker

Story Lab app is an Instagram story editor for photos and videos. There are thousands of templates available in this app, using which you can create unique and attractive stories. You can put any photo or video in these templates in one click. Also, you can customize these templates yourself. This app is available for free for both Android and iOS operating systems.

StoryLab – Story Maker Key Features

  1. Massive Collections of Templates & Collages
  2. Over 1500 customizable Instagram templates. 
  3. 9:16 story & 1:1 post templates create trending ins story.
  4. stylish frames
  5. Use a story template to make your instory.
  6. Use post templates to mix photo templates.
  7. Support both photos and videos
StoryLab – Story MakerDownload link

3. No Crop & Square for Instagram

The biggest problem while posting any photo on Instagram is that the size of the photo gets cropped automatically. With the help of the No Crop & Square for Instagram app, you can solve the problem of cropping photos on Instagram

Apart from this, the option of adding stickers, emojis, etc. is also available in this app. The different free templates found in the app can also be used to make a photo unique.

No Crop & Square for Instagram Key Features

  1. Post full-size image
  2. Rotate, flip, and resize photos
  3. Add templates.
  4. Choose 200+ free backgrounds.
  5. Select album photos
  6. 30 filters
  7. Add text with different fonts and resize text
  8. 400+ free stickers and emoji.
  9. Share photos to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else
No Crop & Square for InstagramDownload link

4. Planoly: Instagram Planner

Using this PLANOLY: Instagram Planner app, you can schedule any of your Instagram posts, and publish the post whenever you want. A lot of editing options are also available in this app, but most of the features you will get to see only in the paid version of this app.

PLANOLY: Instagram Planner Key Features

  1. PLAN & EDIT
PLANOLY: Instagram Planner Download link

5. Video Downloader for Instagram

If you are looking for a video downloader for Instagram then this app is very beneficial for you. Because with this one app you can download any video from Instagram. This app is very secure, so you will not have to compromise your privacy.

Video Downloader for Instagram Key Features

  1. Download & save Instagram videos & photos.
  2. Save & highlight the Instagram story.
  3. Download the Instagram reel
  4. Download the video & image from a private account.
  5. Re-post & share downloaded files easily.
  6. View Instagram videos downloaded offline anytime.
  7. Download videos from Instagram in batches.
  8. Small & safe downloader app for IG.
Video Downloader for InstagramDownload link

6. Unfold: Stories & Link in Bio

If you are an influencer, then this app is very beneficial for you. Because through this app you can put a link in the bio and add a link to many sites in a single link.

Actually, through this app, you can create your own Bio Site. On the Bio Site, you can bundle together links to your services, and other social media accounts, emails, etc. Then add the link to the bio site to your profile.

Unfold: Stories & Link in Bio Key Features

  1. Create a Bio Site to share your link in your bio.
  2. Share to Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Pinterest, and TikTok.
  3. Choose templates and Instagram layouts.
  4. Add filters, text, stickers, GIFs, textures, and backgrounds.
  5. Use templates and effects to create engaging stories & reels.
  6. Plan and organize your Insta posts with our easy-to-use feed planner.
  7. Templates & Collages
Unfold: Stories & Link in BioDownload link


Is this app secure?

Yes, all these apps are safe. All the apps are very popular too, so you don’t need to worry about security. However, it is a bit difficult to say that anything on the Internet is 100% secure.

Can targeted ads be seen in these apps?

Yes, targeted ads are shown in most of the free apps. However, it is shown through Google Ads and not by these apps.


Millions of people are using all the apps mentioned in this post, and most of them have been recommended only after using the apps. So we hope that you are going to have a lot of fun using all these apps.

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