After Twitter, Instagram Will Now Charge $20/Month For Blue Check Marks!

A few days after Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44B, he announced that the blue check mark would cost $8/month. And this time it may happen that the popular social media platform Instagram also charges $20/month for the blue check mark.

Like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg also bought Instagram for 1 billion dollars. Although Facebook is now making a lot of money from Instagram, there are chances that Instagram also introduces subscription plans for verified accounts.

And there are many digital marketing agencies that ask for money from influencers to get blue marks on Instagram and Twitter. A lot of users have also reported that agencies are selling verified accounts for $6k each.

However, marketing agencies of this type are fake, and once the money is taken, you will not be given any verified account. That’s why you should stay away from all these Fake Digital Marketing Agencies.

Reality Of Instagram Subscription Plan For Verified Accounts

There is no official information on Instagram subscription plans for verified accounts, it’s all just rumors. However, there is a high chance that in the future we will get to see monthly subscription plans for verified accounts on Instagram as well.

Because all the companies want to increase their profits as much as possible. Instagram is a much more popular social media platform than Twitter. In such a situation, if Instagram introduces a subscription plan, then Instagram can earn a lot of money from it.

But currently, no such subscription plan has been introduced by Mark Zuckerberg or Instagram’s official. If Instagram launches a subscription plan then it will be cheaper than Twitter because Instagram has more users. Plus, more people will subscribe if they can get a verified account for a lower price.

Shahnawaz Hussain
Shahnawaz Hussain
Hello, I’m Shahnawaz. I’m a small Digital Marketer. I am a fan of technology, music, and writing. I’m also interested in politics and education.

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