How To Clean iPhone Storage

You have 5 options right now to clean iPhone storage,  If there is less storage left in your iPhone, then it is best to clean the storage or delete the unnecessary data. If the iPhone’s storage is 64GB, then there is a chance of your storage getting full quickly, so try to buy the 128GB-256GB model only.

Although storage can be increased with iCloud, the cost of a monthly subscription is very high. And by keeping the internal storage clean, you will also get a better gaming and multitasking performance from iPhone.

1. Delete Unnecessary Apps

Apple iOS does not have any bloatware like Android, although we have to install a lot of apps while using the iPhone. In such a situation, uninstall those apps which you do not use daily. With this, the storage of your phone can be cleaned to a great extent.

After installing any app, that app saves the data in the internal storage. If the apk file size of an app is 100MB, then after using that app for 1 month, the total file size of the app can be up to 300MB-500MB.

2. Delete Similar Data

Smartphones store a lot of similar photos, videos, etc. In such a situation, if you keep only one file of all those similar items and delete the rest of the files, then you will be able to save internal storage as well.

3. Factory Reset Your iPhone 

Doing a factory reset will reset all the settings on your iPhone and also clear the storage in one go. But this may cause you to lose important data, so don’t forget to back up your data before resetting.

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4. Use iCloud 

Using Apple iCloud, you can store your files in the cloud. Uploading your important files to iCloud will free up some amount of your phone’s internal storage. You can store your important files as well as your photos and videos here. 

However, in iCloud, you only get 5 GB of free space. If you need more cloud storage for free, you can also use iCloud’s alternative cloud storage. You must always have a high-speed internet connection to use iCloud. 

Apart from this, you can also access your files from other devices with the help of Apple ID. If you do not have a high-speed internet connection or unlimited internet plans, then you will not be able to use it properly.

5. Clean Safari Web Browser

Safari browser is used by all iPhone users in iPhone, Safari browser saves the cache of all the websites in which you have visited. That is why you will be able to clean up a lot of storage even by deleting the cache of the Safari browser.


What Happens When iPhone Storage Is Full?

If the internal storage on an iPhone or Android smartphone is getting full, performance will drop significantly, and you may experience hangs and heating issues while playing games or multitasking.

What Is The Fastest Way To Clean Up iPhone Storage?

The fastest way to clean up your iPhone’s storage is to do a factory reset. But first, you need to back up your data. If you have multiple Apple devices, then backing up will be very easy for you.


Using these 5 methods, the storage of the iPhone can be cleaned or freed. you must use them. Also, all the methods are completely safe, so that your data will not be lost.

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