Facebook Scheduled Posts (What Is It And How To Use It) 2022

Most users do not use the Facebook scheduled posts feature, but it is a very beneficial feature. It is mostly used for professional work. But all Facebook users get to benefit from this feature. Meta adds many features to Facebook at the time of every update. 

But the scheduled posts feature was already added to Facebook. But still, most of the users do not know much about it. That’s why users are not able to take advantage of using it. No one can use this feature directly on Facebook, that’s why everyone should know the right way to use it.

What Are Facebook Scheduled Posts?

Facebook Scheduled Posts is a feature of Facebook Pages using which any post can be published at a fixed time instead of publishing directly. To use the schedule post feature, you have to use the Meta Business Suite, as it is not available in the normal Facebook app or website.

This feature can be used by any Facebook user at the time of posting. Using this user can schedule the post for 3 months. Apart from Facebook, this feature is also available on platforms like YouTube, Blogger, WordPress, etc.

Facebook schedule posts are mostly used for business, so this feature is available only for posting on Facebook pages. If a user does not have any Facebook page, then the user cannot use it.

How To Use Facebook Scheduled Posts

This feature is not currently available for users using the normal Facebook app or website, but Meta may make it available for all users in the upcoming updates of Facebook. That’s why follow the steps given below to use Facebook schedule posts.

  1. Create a Facebook page
  2. Click on Create post
  3. Click on Meta Business Suite
  4. Select posts and stories option
  5. Click on Create post from the top right corner
  6. Write about your post in the text box
  7. Add photo, video, etc.
  8. Click the down arrow on the side of the publish button
  9. Select any date and time
  10. Click on the Save and Schedule Post button.

Faq About Facebook Scheduled Posts

Why Can’t I Schedule A Post On Facebook?

The biggest reason for not being able to schedule any post on Facebook is the absence of a Facebook page. Because any normal Facebook post cannot be scheduled. That’s why the user should create a Facebook page so that this feature can be used.

How Do I See My Scheduled Posts On Facebook?

Facebook schedule posts cannot be viewed on the direct page, to view any scheduled post, visit the meta business suite, click on the Posts and stories option and click on the Posts option again. All posts can be seen by clicking on the Scheduled option.

Can You Schedule A Shared Post?

No, currently there is no option to schedule shared posts on Facebook, only own post can be scheduled.

Can You Schedule A Repost?

No, shared posts, as well as reposts, cannot be scheduled.

Can You Schedule Sharing An Event On Facebook?

No, no event can be scheduled on Facebook.

How To Change Timezone On Facebook Scheduled Posts

The timezone of Facebook’s Scheduled Posts cannot be changed. Because Facebook uses your country’s timezone by default. If you go to another country and set your Facebook account according to the smartphone and time of that country, then only the timezone can be changed.

Conclusion About Facebook Scheduled Posts

Normal Facebook users want to use this feature, but due to a lack of necessary information, users are unable to use it. But by following all the steps given in this post, one can easily use Scheduled Posts.

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