How To Get Unlimited Surveys On Google Opinion Rewards In 2022

We have 10 ways to get unlimited surveys in google opinion rewards, With the help of these 10 methods, many users continue to get unlimited surveys and rewards by using them consistently.

In spite of this, Google has not officially stated that there is any such method that can be used to receive unlimited surveys from Google.

Google Opinion Rewards is designed to improve the quality of Google’s products. That’s why don’t use these methods to cheat Google.

1. Always keep location services on

By turning on Location, Google will know about your activity and it will be easier for Google to take reviews about any place. That’s why always keep the location service on so that Google can send you more surveys.

2. Share Google Opinion Rewards App with your friends

Google Opinion Rewards also gives the option to refer to the app, if you share this app more with your friends and ask them to join the survey, then you also have a chance to get more and more surveys.

Because after you refer, your friends are also using this app on regular basis. This sends a positive signal to Google about your account.

3. Open Google Opinion Rewards App 2-3 times Daily

By opening the app 2-3 times daily, Google will know that you are active and ready to complete the survey. And you will soon get to see some surveys.

However, you may not get to see more expensive Surveys in these Surveys. Because due to getting more surveys, you can get less value for your reward.

4. use more than one google account,

Using more Google accounts will make it so that if you haven’t received the survey due to an error in one of your Google accounts, you will definitely get the survey in the other account.

There is no solid proof that this is 100% accurate. But there are many users who do not get a survey in one account but get it in another account.

5. Participate in Google Maps or other Google question-and-answer activities.

Google Maps is a very good tool using which you can increase the limit of your survey. Because whenever you contribute to Google Maps and write reviews about any place, shopping malls, schools, colleges, etc. Google will consider you a good user and will give you maximum surveys in Google Opinion Rewards.

6. Answer all the surveys of the Opinion Reward App correctly,

Google uses Opinion Rewards so that all products can be made user-friendly, so if you give a wrong answer in any survey, then it harms Google. You should not do this. Do not participate in the survey until you know the answer to any question.

Participate in it only after getting the correct answer to the question. So that Google can benefit from you and Google can make its products even better.

7. Do not be hasty during the survey and read all the questions and answer them.

While completing any survey, you should read all the questions carefully so that you can answer them correctly, if you will hurry and give any reverse answer to any question, it will hurt Google.

Google will never give a survey to such a user, due to which Google’s time is being wasted. That’s why be patient during the survey and carefully answer all the questions correctly.

8. travel more

It has been observed that when a user travels a lot, Google gives him more and more surveys so that Google can know better about the places visited by the users.

During a Google survey, these users can be asked to give reviews about shops around any place or try to know whether that place is worth visiting for tourists or not. Some such surveys can be given to the user.

9. add reviews to any app in the google play store

Millions of apps are available in Google Play Store, in such a way, you can give a review about your experience in the Play Store after using the apps you use daily or the apps you have downloaded earlier.

By doing this, other users will get to see your review and it will be easy for them to make the decision whether this app is beneficial for them or not.

10. Connect your device with different WiFi and networks

If you connect to different WiFi every day, then it means that you have a lot of devices or you live in an area where there is a lot of WiFi. In such a situation, after connecting with different WiFi, your experience matters to Google.

Google can give you different surveys in Google Opinion Rewards to know your experience. On completing this you will also get a good reward.

Note: No one has 100% correct answers about how to take the unlimited survey on the Opinion Reward App all over the internet, as well as there is no correct proof of these 10 methods, that’s why following all these steps is not possible to give 100% guarantee whether you will get Unlimited Surve or not.

What to do if Google rewards not giving surveys

To get maximum rewards from Google, you have to follow some practices, which are given above. However, it is not that you will start getting 15-20 surveys every day after following these practices. By following these practices, Google will consider you a good user and will bring you better surveys.

If you are not getting any survey in Google Opinion Reward App, then it means Google does not consider you worthy of giving the survey. Because Google gives surveys only to those people, from whom Google also benefits in improving its products.


Why Don’t You Get Unlimited Surveys In Google Opinion Rewards?

Google takes the help of this Surve App to make its service more user-friendly, that’s why Google Survey runs only when Google needs them, that’s why people do not get to see Unlimited Surveys in Google Opinion Reward App.

Is It Possible To Use Google Opinion Rewards From Iran?

No, currently Google Opinion Reward App is not available for Iran, that’s why users cannot use it in Iran country, however in the future, if Google makes this app available for Iran then all Google users of Iran can use this app. 

When Is The Next Survey In Google Opinion Rewards?

How long you will get the next survey in the Google Opinion Rewards app depends on the history of your survey. Because if you have given the correct answers to all the surveys well before then you will soon get to see the surveys.

Why Am I Not Getting Surveys On Google Opinion Rewards?

The reason for not getting a survey in the Google Opinion Rewards app can be due to not being very active or giving the wrong answer. To get a maximum survey, follow the best practices which are given above. After that, you will definitely get the survey on time.

Is Google Opinion Rewards Real?

Google Opinion Rewards app is a real app in which rewards are given after completing surveys. However, the money received in the Rewards app cannot be withdrawn to the bank account.

How do I change my payout on Google Opinion Rewards?

There is no option to add or edit payouts in the Google Opinion Rewards app. Rewards can only be used to purchase Apps in the Google Play Store or through in-app purchases.

How often do surveys appear on Google Opinion Rewards?

In general Google Opinion Rewards, surveys appear every 10-15 days. However, some users get the service very quickly.

How much can you make on Google Opinion Rewards?

Google Opinion Rewards gives you $.01-.05 for every successful survey. However, there is no fixed rate for this.


Google Opinion Reward App is a very important app for android and all google user, it should be used by all user so that everyone can take benefit from this app, and google also get benefit from it To make their services better.

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