GBWhatsApp Latest (Anti-Ban) APK Download January 2023

This is the latest Anti-Ban GB WhatsApp app that you can use without any worries. By using this, neither your mobile number will be banned by WhatsApp, nor will there be any reduction in the security of your data. 

Apart from all the new features you get in official WhatsApp, you will get to see many interesting features in this GB WhatsApp apk. And this is the best GB WhatsApp apk ever. All the information from installing to updating this GB WhatsApp apk will be given in this post.

Along with this, you will also be provided the link to download this app so that it is easy for you to download it, so please read this post very carefully.

What Is The Anti-Ban GBWhatsApp Apk

Anti-Ban GB WhatsApp app is a modded version of official WhatsApp. There are many more features available in GBWhatsApp than in the official version. However, you get excellent customer support on official WhatsApp.

The number of users of GBWhatsApp is increasing day by day because of the amazing features available in it. All these features can also be added to the official WhatsApp app. But the developers of Facebook do not do this. Because WhatsApp is a free platform and to add all these features, they will have to do a lot of modifications.

How To Install GBWhatsApp Anti Ban Apk

To install GBWhatsApp Anti Ban Apk, you should follow the 5 steps given below,

  1. Install the GBWhatsApp anti ban apk through the link given below
  2. Install the apk 
  3. Go to the file manager 
  4. Search the GBWhatsApp apk
  5. Install the app and log in using your number

To download the GBWhatsApp anti-ban apk, click on the download button given below.

How To Update GBWhatsApp

After successfully installing and login into the GBWhatsApp apk, you should visit this page to update to the latest version. So you can bookmark this page to download the updated apk. We will always keep GB WhatsApp apk updated so that you don’t have any problem in using it.


How Can I Download GB On Whatsapp App?

There is no way to download GB WhatsApp app from official WhatsApp. To download GB WhatsApp, you need to visit any third-party website or simply click on the download button above.

Is Gb Whatsapp Allowed?

No, Not only GBWhatsApp but any modded version of WhatsApp is not allowed. Because this reduces the security of official WhatsApp and your data. 

What Is The Problem With GB Whatsapp?

There is a security problem with GB WhatsApp because it is not an official version. As much as Facebook (the owner of WhatsApp) works to make WhatsApp secure, developers who make modded versions of this method do not pay much attention.

Where Does GB Whatsapp Come From?

GB WhatsApp comes from third-party app developers, which means it is not operated or developed by official Facebook developers. 

Is Gb Whatsapp Better Than Whatsapp?

In terms of security, the official WhatsApp is the best, but if you want to customize your WhatsApp, then GBWhatsapp is the best option for you.

Why Do People Prefer GB On Whatsapp?

People prefer GBWhatsapp because they get more features and more options to customize, but they lose the security of their private data, WhatsApp chats, media, etc.


GBWhatsapp apk is not available for iPhone even after getting more features. Because Apple only allows official apps in Appstore. 

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