These Samsung Smartphones Will Not Get Android 13 Update

All Samsung premium and midrange smartphones get updates on time, but this time some Samsung smartphones may not get the update of Android 13. Currently, Google has launched Android 13, but the Google Pixel series will get the Android 13 update first, only after that Google will send this update to other smartphones.

However, those who have bought the latest Samsung smartphones will get the Android 13 update. For all the mid-range and entry-level smartphones of Samsung that were launched before 2020, it is a bit difficult to get the update to Android 13, because all these smartphones are out of date, and Android 13 is not optimized properly for all these smartphones. It is possible.

Mid-range smartphones like Samsung Galaxy A01 Core, A02s, A11, etc may not get the Android 13 update due to weak processors and poor optimization. Because to update Android in the smartphone, the processor should be so powerful that after updating the processor can give the same performance as before.

However, even if Samsung gives an update to Android 13 for all these smartphones, then due to the update, a lot of bugs can come in the smartphones. That’s why it is better not to update all these midrange smartphones to Android 13.

However, there was no official word from Samsung regarding the update to Android 13. But since all these mid-range smartphones do not have powerful processors, it can be inferred that Samsung may not provide Android 13 updates to all these smartphones.

Shahnawaz Hussain
Shahnawaz Hussain
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