Google Drive Becomes Most Downloaded Cloud Storage App

Currently, there are many cloud storage apps available for Android and iOS, but Google Drive has become the most downloaded cloud storage app. Google Drive currently has 5 billion + downloads in the Google Play Store. However, Google Drive comes preinstalled on all Android smartphones.

In such a situation, the biggest question is how Google Drive has got so many downloads. Many people do not consider Google Drive to be the most downloaded cloud storage app, the reason behind this is the preinstalled Google Drive in Android.

Google Drive’s competitors Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox also currently have 1 billion+ downloads in the Google Play Store. Although both these companies promote their cloud storage through ads. Although no encryption is found in Google Drive like dropbox and onedrive, still most people use Google Drive.

People are more concerned about Google’s security than encryption, that is why Google Drive has become the most used cloud storage without encryption. However, another reason for the popularity of Google Drive is its optimization and simple user interface.

Many popular YouTubers and tech geeks say never to store any of your sensitive information in any cloud storage application, as no cloud storage is more secure than a personal hard drive. As long as you have a personal storage device, it is quite secure. However, this increases the chances of losing data as the physical storage device can get damaged at any time.

Only Google knows how much truth is there in the 5 billion + download number of Google Drive in the Play Store, however, Google Drive is definitely installed in all the Androids in the world. And most Android users definitely use Google Drive.

Shahnawaz Hussain
Shahnawaz Hussain
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