Telegram Is Preparing To Launch A New Cloud Storage App This Year

According to many sources, the popular messaging app Telegram is preparing to launch a new cloud storage app this year. Because people are also starting to use the Telegram app as a cloud storage app. Actually, anyone can upload unlimited files on the Telegram channel. In such a situation, many people create channels on Telegram.

However, if Telegram launches a cloud storage app, then many popular cloud storage like google drive, Microsoft onedrive, iCloud, etc. will get a lot of competition. Also, security is getting the most attention in this new cloud storage service of Telegram. Also, the price of its monthly subscription will be less than the competitors.

This cloud storage app from Telegram will come with a very unique design and features. Also, everyone knows about the security of Telegram, so everyone will be in profit by using Telegram’s cloud storage. 

However, no information has been revealed about when Telegram will launch this app and service. And Telegram officials have also not made any information about the cloud storage service public.

Using Telegram cloud storage will be very beneficial for the users because it will get more storage at a lower cost along with the most security features and other features. Because onedrive and google drive coming into their competition, the price of iCloud is very high.

And it is also being told that the optimization and sync features will be available in this app better than all the cloud stars available at the moment. Due to this, it will be very easy to use the app, and upload and download files.

Shahnawaz Hussain
Shahnawaz Hussain
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