Microsoft OneDrive Is Better And More Secure Cloud Storage Than Google Drive?

Google Drive is the most used cloud storage in the world, but most users do not know whether Google Drive is secure or not. But Google’s competitor Microsoft OneDrive also gets better security and features than Google Drive.

Although most Windows users use Microsoft OneDrive because Microsoft OneDrive is more optimized for Windows.  But for some time now Microsoft has been promoting its cloud storage onedrive through ads in Google Play Store. 

Because onedrive is also now optimized and secure cloud storage for android. In such a situation, should Android and iOS users also switch to Microsoft onedrive?

Whether Android And iOS Users Should Switch To Microsoft OneDrive

Most Android users use Google Drive, and iOS users currently have Apple iCloud. Both these cloud storage are very well optimized and secure. Google keeps data encrypted on its servers using strong 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption. And Google’s security is definitely available in Google Drive.

And the security and encryption of Apple iCloud are as secure as the Apple iPhone. In such a situation, iPhone users only have good and secure cloud storage. But if Android users want, they can switch to Microsoft OneDrive. However, only 5GB of cloud storage is available for free in OneDrive, and its premium subscription costs more than Google Drive.

It is not that Google Drive is not as secure as Microsoft Onedrive. Google Drive is a secure cloud storage and millions of people use it. Google Drive is better cloud storage for those people who use Google’s products more.

If you have an Android smartphone and also a Windows computer, then you can use both these cloud storage. Use google drive on android and onedrive with your windows. Before buying the premium plans of any cloud storage, use the free storage available in both the cloud storage, after that you use the one which gives you the best experience.

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Shahnawaz Hussain
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