Marques Brownlee Recommends Only Apple Products To His Audience

Popular Tech Youtuber Marques Brownlee ie MKBHD recommends only Apple products to his audience, if you open his YouTube channel, you will see that more than 60% of the videos in the channel are of Apple products. That’s why this question is coming to the mind of many subscribers, is Apple promoting its products through mkbhd?

It is not that he does not make videos of any other brand’s products, his channel also has videos of many different products. However, Mkbhd recommends Apple products because of the premium quality found in the products.

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Apple does not promote its products to anyone, it is the dream of the people to buy Apple products. Despite Apple’s products being expensive, people still like to use them. Because the quality of Apple products is very good, the user never gets a chance to complain after using the product once.

Not only mkbhd, but many other YouTubers recommend apple products, because apple’s ecosystem, service, etc. are very good. Apart from smartphones, videos about other gadgets, electric cars, etc. are also available on MKBHD’s channel. The number of videos about Apple products on his channel is high, as he gets both more views and money from those videos. And most of his subscribers have Apple products, so he has to make videos like this.

Apart from this, mkbhd himself keeps all the products of Apple in his tech bag, he has told about it in one of his videos. And he mostly uses Apple products in his daily life. Apple MacBook, iPhone, iPad, etc. All kinds of Apple products are used to edit or shoot his YouTube videos. He is very satisfied with the quality and service of Apple products, so mkbhd recommends Apple products to his subscribers most of the time.

Shahnawaz Hussain
Shahnawaz Hussain
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