How To Save Whatsapp Status Video In Gallery Without Any App In 2022

How To Save Whatsapp Status Video In Gallery Without Any App
How To Save Whatsapp Status Video In Gallery Without Any App


If you want to know How To Save Whatsapp Status Video In Gallery Without Any App In 2021 on your mobile without asking your friend, then read this post carefully.

Today I will tell you that the best way to save any WhatsApp status on androidYou do not need to download any app and do not have to go to any paid website.


How can I save WhatsApp video in Gallery without any app?

It is very easy to save WhatsApp status in the gallery without the help of any paid and free app. Only you have to follow some simple steps and you will be able to save your status in your file manager.



  1. First, you have to open WhatsApp on your Android smartphone and then see the WhatsApp status you want to download.
  2. After that, you have to go back and you have to open your mobile File Manager app.
  3. Make sure that you have to turn on the Display Hidden Items option in the file manager of your mobile. (If you don’t find the “Display Hidden Item” option in your file manager settings then scroll down the page)
  4. And you have to go to the File Manager, after that if you have installed any external memory card on your mobile, then you will see the option of internal and external storage.
  5. Now you have to see where you save your whats app data. (Internal or External storage)
  6. Next, you have to open the Whatsapp folder in your storage.
  7. Now you have to open the Media folder and
  8. And after that turn on the .Statuses folder.
  9.  All the Statuses like videos, photos, GIFs that you have seen on your WhatsApp are there.
  10.  After that, you have to create a separate folder and you should select the status and copy them in a new folder on your smartphone storage.
If you do not have the option of “Display Hidden Items” in your File Manager settings, you will have to download a File Manager app from Google Play Store.
I will suggest you download the Mi File Manager app from the play store.


How can you save WhatsApp status in the Mi File Manager app?


So first you have to download the Mi File Manager app from Play Store, to download it from Play Store.
You have to click on Mi File Manager or open the Play Store and search for Mi File Manager and after that, you have to download the first app.

Mi file Manager App is very safe and secure, so you will not need to take any tension about your data.

After installing the Mi File Manager you can follow these simple steps :


  1. Open the MI File Manager app and you have to go to the settings.
  2. And enable the option to “Show Hidden Items” there.
  3. Now you will have to come to the storage section.
  4. You have to open the WhatsApp folder.
  5. And you have to open the Media folder,
  6. After that, you have to open the.Status folder.
  7.  And you have to click on the status you want to save.
  8. And select the status you want and copy it to another new folder.


Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. If you have saved your status then make sure that you share our post with your friend.


Why don’t you want to install another app to save your status?


Because of your private data.


The data you have today is your most private seed. Which you would not like any other people to see.
Therefore, you do not need to install any app which will store your data. Follow the steps mentioned in this post and save any WhatsApp status.


Due to internet


If you live in the United States, then you will know how much the cost of data is, so if you have a broadband connection then it is not a matter but if you only run the internet from the mobile network then you will have to lose some data to install any app.


The third reason is that your mobile performance will slow down


If you install any app only for simple work, then the app remains in your storage and you can see the effect on the mobile’s performance.
Therefore, for any apps which are not useful then you should not be installed the app.


Here is the some Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) Regarding WhatsApp Status save.



Is it safe to save or copy WhatsApp status?


It is absolutely safe to save or copy WhatsApp status. You can safely copy any WhatsApp status and save it on the internal storage of your smartphone.


How to see WhatsApp status in file manager

To view WhatsApp status in the file manager, first, you have to check the status once in the WhatsApp, after that, you have to go to the File Manager and you will open the WhatsApp folder and next you open the Media folder, and then you can see the .statuses folder containing the statuses.

WhatsApp status without save the number

To see someone’s status on WhatsApp, you have to save the number. If you have don’t save the number then so you can’t see the status.

WhatsApp status autosave without viewing

WhatsApp status autosaves without viewing, No such features are currently not available in WhatsApp. If WhatsApp introduces this feature in the upcoming updates, then you will get informed through our blog, so follow our blog.

WhatsApp status video download


You can not download any video of WhatsApp status directly to your mobile. But You can Download it through other third-party apps.


How To Save Whatsapp Status Video In Gallery Without Any App In 2021: Final words 


I have to try to give you the best tutorial on How To Save Whatsapp Status Video In Gallery Without Any App. If you like our post, then follow us, and share it with your friend, brother, sister. 

And if you have any questions or any suggestions for us, then comment or email us. Follow our social media account.

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