Vidmate Old Version Download For Free 2022

vidmate old version was very well optimized for smartphones, and any video could be downloaded at high speed. Compared to the new version of vidmate, more good features are available in the old version. That’s why downloading it is beneficial for you.

Vidmate has got a lot of new updates since 2013. And some new changes were made in all the updates so that the user would enjoy installing the app. However, the older versions of vidmate are pretty stable compared to the newer versions.

How To Install Vidmate Old Version

Before downloading and installing any old version of vidmate, first, download the application from the link given below. Follow the steps given below

  1. Open the application file
  2. Install It
  3. Click on vidmate app icon
  4. Open the app and enable all permissions.
  5. After that use the app.

Keep in mind that if the vidmate shows any notification to update the app, then cancel it. Because if you update it then your old version will be deleted. Vidmate cannot be downloaded and uploaded from the Google Play Store. Because the vidmate app does not follow the terms and conditions of the google play store.

Download Vidmate Apk

Advantages Of Vidmate Old Version

The biggest advantage of using older versions of vidmate is that it can download videos from YouTube. All videos can be downloaded in high quality from this app. Apart from this, many premium websites are also supported in older versions.

Videos of any premium websites are available in this app for free. That is why it is not necessary to take any monthly subscription to watch the content of these premium websites. This will save you money. Apart from this, shortcuts to more than 50 websites have been given in this app, so that you can access these websites in less time. 

Disadvantages Of Vidmate Old Version

The biggest disadvantage of using older versions of vidmate is that there is not much security in this app. Because this app has become old, there are many bugs in this app, and by using these bugs hackers can attack your device. This app asks you permission for some unwanted things like calls, location, etc. In this case, you should keep the permissions of calls and location disabled.

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