Which Cloud Storage Is Best In 2022

Google Cloud, iCloud, One Drive, etc are popular, and a secure cloud is best for any work. But the cost of subscriptions of all cloud storage providers is different, hence different features are seen in all. Only its low cost does not make cloud storage better. The best cloud storage is the one in which everything is best.

To select the best cloud storage according to your and your business’s needs, you should use that cloud storage in which all the latest technology, security, and features have been used. Also, budget is also considered a very big factor for cloud storage to be the best.

Which Cloud Storage Is Best For iPhone/Mac/iOS?

iCloud is the best and most secure cloud storage option for iPhone/Mac/iOS. Because it is much easier to use iCloud on Apple’s device. iCloud is Apple’s own cloud storage service, so iCloud is highly optimized for Apple’s devices. If you have multiple devices from Apple, then your data transfer work will be very easy using iCloud.

However, only 5GB of cloud storage is available in iCloud, which is very little, so if you want more storage for free, then you can also use other cloud storage. By using Degoo Cloud Storage you can get 100GB of cloud storage for free. But using Degoo cloud storage on iPhone will not be as convenient for you as iCloud

Which Cloud Storage Is Best For Android?

Google Cloud is the best option for Android users. Google Drive is available on all Android smartphones and using it, any user can access 15GB of cloud storage for free. 15GB of free cloud storage is a decent amount of storage for Android smartphones.

In these 15 free cloud storage, Android users can store videos, photos, etc. along with their important documents. Google Drive is heavily optimized for Android smartphones, so it is easy to use Google Drive on Android smartphones.

Apart from this, Google Drive can also be accessed using the official website. But using Google Drive from a browser, you will not be able to use amazing features like auto-upload.

Which Cloud Storage Is Best For Small Bussiness?

Amazon Cloud Storage, Google Cloud, Dropbox Business, etc. are best for small businesses. Because a business requires more secure cloud storage, this 3 cloud storage is the best for any business. However, you get more advantages in Google Cloud.

But keep in mind that there are many such cloud storage providers in the market for small businesses that provide free cloud storage in very high amounts. Such cloud storage is not good for your business. Because you will not get much uploading and downloading speed in those free cloud storage.

And apart from this, being free, you do not get much security in those cloud storage. Security is the most important thing for a business, so if your data gets into the hands of a cloud storage provider that is not secure, then you can suffer a lot.

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