How To Increase Android Security Without Any App In 2022


How To Increase Android Security Without Any App In 2021
How To Increase Android Security Without Any App In 2021



Do you know the exact way to increase Android security? Do you install an antivirus to keep your android smartphone secure?


If yes, Then I have a question for you. Do you think your smartphone is safe?


Don’t worry. Today I will tell you some of the best privacy settings on Android phones that can protect your Android smartphone.


You do not need to download any app and you do not need to go anywhere. And there is no need to give money to anyone. 


How To Increase Android Security Without Any App In 2021


To make Android smartphones secure without any app, you need to know some Android security settings.



Best Android security settings about how to keep our Android smartphone secure


  1. Install apps from the google play store


Some of the biggest threats to the security of smartphones are fake apps. That’s why if you need an app, just download it from Google Play Store.


You will get to see all kinds of apps in the Google Play store. If you do not find the app in Google Play Store, you must understand that it is not safe for you.


Google excludes thousands of apps every day from Google Play Store because there are some issues associated with security in those apps.


  1. Enable google play protect on the google play store


Google Play Protect is a feature of Google that lets you know if there are any harmful apps in your smartphone. Google Play Protect scans all the apps on your smartphone and finds out which apps are taking which data from you. 


How to enable google play protect


  • Go to Google play store

  • Tap on the profile button 

  • Select play protect option

  • Click on settings on the top right corner 

  • Enable both options


  1. Update your android 


You have to update your smartphone on time. Because through updates, companies fix the security flaws of your smartphone.


Smartphone companies keep on releasing security updates for their smartphones. So you need to check if there is any security patch update for your smartphone.


To check the update of the smartphone, you get the option of the system update in your smartphone.


  1. Enable Find My Device


Google Find My Device is a feature of Google that helps you to protect your smartphone.


Google Find My Device is already installed on everyone’s smartphone, only you have to enable it.


To enable Google Find my device


  • Go to Setting

  • Tap on the security option

  • Tap on Find my Device 


If your smartphone is lost somewhere or stolen then you can log in to Google Find My Device and find out where your smartphone is and delete the data from your phone.


  1. Use Of sd cards 


Due to the lack of internal storage in our smartphones, we purchase SD cards for additional storage. But due to these sd cards, we can also be at risk of privacy.


Therefore, when you buy an SD card for additional storage. Then buy an SD card from a good brand. 


I would recommend you buy only 128GB variants or above for your smartphone so that you do not have a shortage of storage.


  1. Use Fingerprint As a security option 


Many types of security options are available in the smartphone such as PIN, pattern, face Unlock, and fingerprint.


But you only have to lock your smartphone with a fingerprint so that no one except you can unlock your smartphone.


  1. Use a secure browser 


We all use browsers to search for anything on the Internet. And all your activities are saved in the browser itself, that’s why you should use a secure browser to keep your internet activity safe.


From Secure Browser, you should use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Brave Private Browser, Etc.


And you keep deleting your browser data manually so that your security is improved.


  1. Password autosave


We all save the password while logging into any of our accounts on our smartphones so that it will be easy to log in a second time. 


We should not do this because anyone can easily access the saved password on your smartphone. 


  1. Don’t use public charging points 


Never charge mobiles in public charging points. Because in public charging points, a lot of people charge their mobile. 


If you connect your mobile phone to a data cable and leave it on the charging point, then the data thief of your smartphone can be a thief.


  1. Don’t visit a fake website


Many websites on the Internet do not have any useful content and that website is made to steal user’s data. That is why you do not have to visit those websites.


How to know if a website is secure or not


To know whether the website is secure or not, check HTTPS enabled or not. If HTTPS is enabled it means the site is safe.


How To Secure Android Phone From Virus


To protect Android phones from viruses, you will need to delete bloatware from your mobile. And if you use an sd card, then scan it in time so that your sd card is protected from viruses.



So let’s know why security is important on the internet


For any smartphone user, his security is most important as everyone is working on the smartphone nowadays. Nowadays, most people are doing work from home from their smartphones and computer only.


More people are doing net banking and mobile banking nowadays, due to this, security is more important.


Apart from this, there is a lot of private data in our smartphones which we do not want to share with anyone.


How To Increase Android Security Without Any App In 2021: The Final Conclusion

I have told you through this post How To Increase Android Security Without Any App In 2021. Use all the settings given in this post to increase the security of your Android smartphone. 

I hope you liked our post, if you have any questions and suggestions, then please comment. And follow our social media accounts to stay connected with us.

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