How To Get More iCloud Storage In 2022

How To Get More iCloud Storage: To get more storage from Apple iCloud, you have to buy cloud storage. You can buy a subscription to any premium plan by logging into Apple iCloud. There are 3 types of storage options available in Apple iCloud, 50 GB, 200 GB, 2 GB. And the cost of a premium subscription to iCloud cloud storage is also quite affordable.

How To Upgrade iCloud Storage

To Upgrade iCloud storage, you should follow the steps given below.

  1. Click on the Settings option
  2. click above your name
  3. Select the iCloud option
  4. Click on the Manage Storage option
  5. Click on Buy More Storage and Change Plan
  6. Select any plan
  7. Click on the buy option
  8. Enter Apple ID and Password
  9. Click on the Sign-in option

By following all these steps, you can Upgrade iCloud storage from your Apple device.

How To Fix iCloud Storage Full

To fix iCloud Storage Full, you have to delete some files, videos, documents, etc., or buy more storage from iCloud storage. First check iCloud whether there is any unusable data saved in the cloud or not, if yes then delete them, and if you have saved all import files only in the iCloud and you cannot delete them. So you should buy another premium subscription plan of iCloud so that you get more storage.

iCloud Storage Full This is not a problem. This only happens because the limit on your free or premium iCloud storage has been reached. Whenever your iCloud storage gets full you should upgrade it or delete all useless data from iCloud.

How To Delete iCloud Storage On iPhone

It is easy to delete any data from iCloud storage, you can delete them by logging in to iCloud. Follow the steps given below to delete.

  1. Click on the Settings option
  2. click above your name
  3. Select the iCloud option
  4. Click on the Manage Storage option
  5. Select files you want to delete 
  6. Click on the delete option 

How To Get More iCloud Storage Free

There is no option to get Apple iCloud storage for free. Apple provides 5GB of cloud storage for free across all their devices. Using this the user can save his important files in iCloud. Apple iCloud is a very secure cloud storage option. All Apple device users must use it.

iCloud Storage Plans

There are 3 types of plans available in Apple iCloud. All Apple users should opt for any one of these 3 premium plans according to their needs. Different features have been given in all the plans so that the user gets premium features according to the money.

Storage Options Plans
150 GB0.99 $
2200 GB2.99 $
32 TB9.99 $
iCloud Storage Plans

Some Of The Frequently Asked Questions About How To Get More iCloud Storage

How Do I Get More Icloud Storage Without Buying It?

Only 5GB of cloud storage is provided for free in iCloud. Apart from this, you can not take much storage for free.

What Takes Up A Lot Of Icloud Storage?

Videos, photos, etc. take up a lot of space in iCloud, that’s why you should upload only important files in iCloud.

Is It Worth It To Increase iCloud Storage?

Yes, If you are needing more storage then you can definitely increase iCloud.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy More iCloud Storage?

It can cost you $0.99-9.99 to buy storage in Apple iCloud.

Will iCloud Delete My Photos If I Don’t Pay?

No, iCloud does not delete any of your photos, videos, or other data. But if you do not pay in iCloud, then you will not be able to access those data.

How To Get More Icloud Storage: The Final Conclusion

Information has been given in this post on many important topics related to iCloud from increasing storage in iCloud. If you are facing any problem in buying iCloud storage, then you can comment.

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