Fix Android Battery Drain Permanently

Does your Android battery drain quickly? And doesn’t your smartphone also charge fast? And do you want to know how to fix the Android battery drain?

Today I will tell you why your smartphone’s battery drains quickly and how you can fix it.

Why is My Battery Draining So Fast Android?

There can be many reasons for Android device battery draining quickly. A common cause is having too many apps running in the background, which can use battery power even when not actively used. High screen brightness or timeout settings, frequent use of cellular data, vibrating and haptic feedback, and outdated software are common causes of battery drain.

Another reason is that if your device is infected with malware or virus, it can drain the battery faster. Keeping your device updated with the latest software and keeping an eye on apps running in the background can help reduce battery consumption

How To Stop Apps From Draining Battery Android

Here are some simple steps that you can follow to fix this problem,

1. Use the Lite app

A Lite app means a smaller version of any app that has fewer features but you can use it as the main app.

In some apps like Facebook and Instagram, you get their light version which you can install and use. The Light app does not take up much space in your internal storage and does not consume much of your smartphone’s battery.

2. IPS Display

If your smartphone has an IPS display, you may see a problem with the battery because the IPS display consumes more battery than the AMOLED display.

So whenever you buy a smartphone, you should buy a smartphone with an AMOLED Display so that you can get better battery life from the smartphone.

Before buying a smartphone you should check the smartphone buying guide.

3. Auto-sync enable

Auto-sync is a feature that is available on every smartphone. With the help of Auto Sync, your smartphone keeps syncing your accounts. Because of this, you may have a problem with battery draining.

And Having your email and other accounts set to push can cause the battery to drain faster. To reduce battery drain, turn off push email and sync to help reduce power consumption.

4. High Refresh Rate

If your smartphone supports a high refresh rate then you will see a battery-draining issue.

Due to the high refresh rate, the battery of our smartphone runs out quickly. A high refresh rate display gives you a smooth experience but due to this your battery discharges quickly.

High refresh rate display is becoming very popular nowadays. Due to this, many smartphones with high refresh rate support are available in the market.

5. Auto Screen Brightness

The battery of the smartphone runs out quickly due to keeping the auto-brightness on.

If you want a good battery backup from your smartphone then do not use the auto-brightness feature.

Keeping the auto-brightness on, the smartphone’s sensor keeps capturing the light around the smartphone. For which you do not get a good battery backup

6. Lots of apps running in the background

Go to your device’s settings and check for apps that are running in the background. These apps may continue to use battery power even when they are not actively in use. Close any apps that you are not currently using to help reduce battery drain.

7. Use Wi-Fi instead of cellular data when possible

Using cellular data instead of Wi-Fi can cause the battery to drain faster. To reduce battery drain, use Wi-Fi instead of cellular data whenever possible, as it is less power-intensive.

Turn off vibrate and haptic feedback: Having these features turned on can cause the battery to drain faster. To reduce battery drain, turn off vibrate and haptic feedback when not in use.

8. Use the battery-saver mode if your device has it

Many devices come with a battery saver mode that can help to extend the battery life. This feature can help to reduce battery drain by limiting background apps, reducing screen brightness, and turning off vibrate and haptic feedback.

9. Keep your device updated with the latest software

Outdated software can cause the battery to drain faster. To reduce battery drain, keep your device updated with the latest software to help optimize it for energy efficiency.

10. Uninstall apps that you don’t use

Uninstalling apps that you don’t use can help to reduce battery drain. This is because these apps may continue to run and use battery power even when they are not actively in use.

11. Change Wallpaper types

Using live wallpapers can cause the battery to drain faster. To reduce battery drain, use a static wallpaper instead to help conserve power.

There are 3 types of wallpaper available on a smartphone. First Black Wallpaper, second Colorful Wallpaper, and Third Live Wallpaper.

Live wallpapers consume the most battery because live wallpaper always plays like a video. And there are a lot of colors in the live wallpaper, due to which live wallpaper consumes more battery.

I will recommend you use a simple black wallpaper so that you get a better battery backup.

If your smartphone has an AMOLED screen then you should use black wallpaper only because black wallpaper works better on an AMOLED screen.

12. Keep your device cool

Overheating can cause the battery to drain faster. To reduce battery drain, keep your device cool by avoiding leaving it in direct sunlight or in a hot car, and avoid using it for extended periods of time.

13. Change your Bad charging habits

The biggest reason for the battery drain problem in Android smartphones is that we do not know how to charge the smartphone properly.

To get a good battery backup from a smartphone, it is necessary to charge it properly.

Whenever you charge your smartphone. Then take care not to charge the smartphone full.

Do not charge more than 90% of the battery of your smartphone. And never charge your smartphone overnight

14. Stay on Wifi, and Bluetooth.

You have to turn it off when you do not need Bluetooth and WiFi. Because if you keep it on, then it will keep searching for other devices, which will reduce your battery backup.

15. Select a Good Network.

if your smartphone does not have a good strong signal or the network strength in your area is not good then the battery of your smartphone runs out quickly.

Because when the network is not good on the smartphone then the smartphone keeps searching for the network. Which causes your smartphone to heat up and drain your battery quickly.

To fix this you have to select the correct network. For this, you check which network operator has a tower near your house in your area and then buy the SIM of that company.

Only then will you get a better network. This will also give you good internet quality and good battery backup.

16. Lower screen brightness and timeout settings:

Keeping the screen on for a long time or at a high brightness level can drain the battery quickly. To reduce battery drain, lower the screen brightness and set a shorter timeout period. This will help to conserve battery power.

If you install a lot of apps on your smartphone, then all the apps on your smartphone run in the background.

You may see battery-draining problems on your Android smartphone due to running apps in the background.

Not just battery draining. Due to this, you do not get great performance from your smartphone.


why does my phone battery drain overnight?

The Android operating system remains on at all times. If your smartphone has a SIM, it keeps searching the network. If you have installed an app on Android, it keeps running in the background. So you get to see the battery drain on Android even when not in use.

How do I stop my android from draining my battery?

To avoid running out of battery on Android, you have to turn off all the apps running in the background when you are not using the smartphone.

Why is my Android phone using so much battery?

Android consumes battery according to your usage. If you run heavy apps then it will consume more battery.

How do I stop my battery from draining so fast?

You have to use a minimum number of apps to prevent the Android battery from draining fast.

Which app consumes more battery in Android?

See the power consumption ranking on your smartphone in the settings section. You will know which app is consuming more battery on your smartphone

Why is my phone battery draining so fast all of a sudden?

If the battery of your smartphone is running out suddenly, it may be due to a malfunction of your battery.

Can a virus drain a phone battery?

Yes, Viruses can drain your smartphone battery quickly


If your Android smartphone has battery drain then this is normal but if there is more draining then you need to pay attention to the things given in this post.

If you like our guide, then share it with your friends. If you have any questions or suggestions, then tell us in the comment.

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