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3 Year Old Android Device Gets Android 12 Update With Lots Of Bugs

3 Year Old Android Device Gets Android 12 Update With Lots Of Bugs
Bugs appear in Android after installing Update

Android devices do not get updates for a long time, but nowadays there are some companies that give updates for a long time on their Android devices so that the user gets a more fresh experience and more security.

Today’s report is that a user got the Android 12 update on his 3-year-old Vivo s1 device, and after updating the device from Android 11 to Android 12, the device is showing a lot of bugs. In this update of Android 12, apart from the security patch, some extra major changes were not found in their device but a lot of bugs were definitely found.

This is quite worrying since a device that ran on Android 11 without any lag, after just one update, the problems users have been facing like smartphone hanging and buttons not working, etc. Is this a conspiracy to force the user to buy a new smartphone?

Why Does The Smartphone Maker Release Such Updates?

There have been allegations against many big smartphone makers that they release such updates for their smartphones, due to which the smartphone of the users becomes slow. Big companies like Apple, Samsung, etc have also been accused of this. So in such a situation, there is no right answer that this Chinese company will not do such a thing.

Smartphone brands do this so that their smartphone sales always increase. They get a lot of benefits from this, but the users suffer a lot. This is not a problem for users who change their smartphones very quickly. But for those users who want to use the smartphone for a long time, this is a very disturbing thing.

Can users keep their devices safe from these updates?

If users do not install these updates, then their device will not have any problem in this way, for this they will have to keep automatic updates tied, and apart from this, if there is a need to install any update, then do not install it early. 

Before installing the new update, you should do a little research on Google about this update so that you can know in advance all the problems that occur after this update. 



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