10 Unknown Features Of Google Docs In 2021


10 Unknown Features Of Google Docs In 2021:
 10 Unknown Features Of Google Docs In 2021


10 Unknown Features Of Google Docs In 2021: Google Docs is very popular among all writers because it is free and easy to use. Maybe you also use Google Docs.


Google Docs is a great tool from Google because you can use it both online or offline.


But in this post, we will share some interesting facts about Google Docs and also tell about some such features which you may not know about.


The fun fact is that we are also writing this post in Google Docs itself.


How do google docs work?


Google Docs works as a notepad, but in addition to writing, you can improve your writing style with the help of Google Docs.


In this, you can use different types of fonts, text styles. Also, you can store its file in Google Drive itself.


Google Docs is easily installed on your smartphone, laptop, computer and after that you.


  1. Use google docs templates


You get a lot of premium templates in Google Docs for free, using which you can create a very good resume, letters, etc. As you know, whenever you want a template, then you have to buy it from somewhere.


  1. How to add an outline in google docs 


As you must have noticed, when you write anything in Google Docs, you do not get to see the scale. With the help of a scale, you can measure how much inside your text will be.


To enable it, you have to click on the option of View, then click on the option of Show Ruler.


  1. Use Suggestion mode


Suggestion mode helps you to correct your words in real-time. Using this, you will not make any mistakes in grammar and words and will be able to write a good clear text.


To enable it, you have to click on the option of editing on the top side and after that select the suggestion mode.


  1. How to use offline mode in google docs 


All of you may be using Google Docs online but you will also be able to use it offline. To use it offline, all you need to do is install the extension for Google Docs in your browser.


  1. How to use dark mode in google docs.


You do not already get to see dark mode in Google Docs. But still, you can use dark mode. For this, you have to download the extension of Google Docs Dark Mode.


Search Google Docs Dark Mode Extension in Google. And you install it from Google’s official site.


  1. How to add extra fonts in google docs


You get to see the default 30 fonts in Google Docs. But if you want any more stylish fonts, then you can add fonts to Google Docs.


For this, you have to click on the fronts of Google Docs and click on more fronts.


  1. Revision history features 


Google Docs stores all the data in its documents. If you want to see the data of your documents, then you have to click on the file option, then click on version history, then click on see version history.


  1. Word count in google docs 


Whatever you type in Google Docs, it will show whatever the word count is. To see the word count, you have to click on the tool option and then click on the word count.


  1. Image editing in google docs 


You already get an image editor in Google Docs. So you don’t need to download a separate photo editor.


For this, you have to upload your image to Google Docs, after which you can edit your photos.


  1. How to create customized shortcuts in google drive.


You get to see shortcuts in all the features of Google Docs, but if you want to create a separate shortcut, then you can create it in it.


To create a shortcut, you have to click on the Tools option, then click on the Preferences option, and then click on Substitutions. and take any shortcut you want.



Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about google docs.


Can Google docs replace office?


You get to see some more features in Microsoft Office and its user base is also huge.


Can I install google docs on my PC?




Is google docs software?




Is google docs secure?




10 Unknown Features Of Google Docs In 2021: The Final Conclusion


In this post, we have told about 10 features of Google Docs. Hope you like this feature.


Google Docs is a good tool, you must use it. 


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