Why Is Whatsapp Not Working And How To Fix It

In case WhatsApp doesn’t work on both android and iOS, then it means that the application is outdated or there is an issue with one of the servers. Don’t forget to check your internet connection, and always keep the app updated. If there is any server issue then in a while WhatsApp will start working automatically.

How To Fix Whatsapp Not Working

If the WhatsApp application is not working then you can try these 4 ways to fix it. It is quite common to see such errors on WhatsApp.  If your account has been terminated by WhatsApp itself, you will not be able to access that account again.

1. Check Server Status 

WhatsApp is sometimes unable to work due to errors caused by high traffic on the server. It’s not just your WhatsApp account that’s having server problems. Whenever there is an issue with the server, WhatsApp users will not be able to use it until the issue is resolved by the server.

It is not possible for you to fix the server error by yourself, it can only be fixed by WhatsApp’s developers. The only thing you have to do is wait, when the developers fix the server error, then you will be able to use WhatsApp again.

2. Check Internet Connection

Sometimes WhatsApp does not work properly due to high ping issues and slow internet speed. In this case, you have to restart your internet connection or restart the device. If the network is not working properly in your area, then you have to contact your network provider.

3. Update The Whatsapp Application

Whatsapp keeps on releasing some updates every month. If you have not updated your WhatsApp application for a long time, then you may also see an error in WhatsApp. Update the WhatsApp application through Google Play Store or Appstore, then you can use WhatsApp.

4. Check Account Status 

WhatsApp closes fake accounts and spammy accounts. If you are using WhatsApp for spamming then your account will be permanently tied. If you haven’t got any spam, your account can be back if you contact WhatsApp’s customer support team.


The way to fix all the errors of WhatsApp is given in this post. If these 4 methods do not work for you then create a new WhatsApp account using your secondary number.

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