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Google Drive Vs Google Cloud – Here Is The Biggest Difference

Google Drive Vs Google Cloud
Google Drive Vs Google Cloud


Google Drive Vs Google Cloud – Here Is The Biggest Difference: Do you also want to know what is the difference between Google Drive and Google Cloud?


Okay. Through this post, I am going to give you all the information about Google Drive and Google Cloud Storage, which will clear all your confusion.


Like all Google products, both of these are also very popular products from Google. We get a lot of benefits from these two products, that’s why it is more popular.


To take advantage of all the Android smartphone users, the smartphone companies provide Google Drive preinstalled on all smartphones.


If you have an Android smartphone, then you must have Google Drive installed on your smartphone. And maybe you use it too.


Topics covered in this post:


  • What is google drive?

  • What is google cloud?

  • Why use Google Drive

  • Why use Google cloud 

  • Benefits of google drive 

  • Benefits of google cloud

  • Similarities of both google drive vs google cloud 

  • which one should we use

  • FAQ

  • Final conclusion

What is google drive? 

Google Drive is a simple cloud storage solution that everyone can use for their Android, iOS, Windows, macOS to store their data. 

Google Drive is very good, secure, and reliable cloud storage. Whenever someone thinks about using cloud storage, then he definitely thinks about Google Drive once.

In Google Drive, along with security, you also get the trust of Google. So there is no question of not using it.

And if you want to know about Secure Cloud Storage, then you can read this post on our blog. Top 5 best secure cloud storage for personal use in 2021.


What is google cloud?


Google Cloud is also a cloud storage service but it is not designed for normal smartphone users. 


It is used by most companies, website owners, etc. Because Google Cloud works as a hosting service.


Why use Google Drive.


The biggest reason for using Google Drive is that it is very easy to use. Also, it is secure.


Like other cloud storage, you do not get to see any server problem because Google’s servers are very good.


Why use Google cloud 


If you have a business and you want to take it online by creating a website then you can use Google Cloud.  


Google Cloud will increase the speed of your website, which will also help you in ranking.


Benefits of google drive 

The advantage of using Google Drive is that you do not have to worry about your data. Google Drive is a secure platform so no one can see your data except you.

Benefits of Google cloud


Google Cloud is mostly used as cloud hosting. With this, you can increase the speed and security of your website. If your website is good then your business will also grow well.


Similarities of both google drive vs google cloud 


The similarity between these two is that both of them work as cloud storage. In this, you can store your data, and both are the product of Google.


which one should we use?


Probably most of you would be a normal smartphone user. So you guys must use Google Drive. But if you want to build a website or store big data then you should use Google Cloud.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Google Drive Vs Google Cloud


Is Google Drive the same as Google cloud?

No. Google Drive and Google Cloud are different


Is Google Drive the Cloud?

Yes. Google Drive is a cloud storage solution


Is Google Cloud Storage cheaper than Google Drive?

No. Google Cloud is not cheaper than Google Drive

Is Google Drive Going Away 2021?

No. Google Drive is a popular cloud storage.

Is Google Drive free forever?

Google gives you 15GB of free cloud storage for a lifetime.


Is Google Drive being discontinued?

No, Google Drive will never shut down. Google has turned off the option of unlimited storage in its Photos app so that now you will be able to save your photos in Google Drive only.


What happens if I don’t pay Google Drive?


If you subscribe to Google Drive, and you do not make repayment after the end of your subscription. Then you will not be able to access your data. You will be given access to your data if you make a repayment.

Is Google Drive reliable?

Yes, google drive is reliable.


Is Google Drive safe?

Yes, google drive is safe.


Do I need OneDrive if I have Google Drive?

If you want more storage then you can increase the plan of Google Drive. With this, you will not have trouble finding your data.


How do I get unlimited Google Drive storage for free?

You will get only 15GB of cloud storage free in Google Drive.


Does Google Drive delete old files?

No, Google Drive does not delete any of your old files.


Is Google one worth it?



Is Google Drive going to be paid?

Google Drive is a paid service.


Does Google Drive store files permanently?



Google Drive Vs Google Cloud – Here Is The Biggest Difference: The Final Conclusion

Google Drive and Google Cloud are both different. And the work of both is also different, so you can use both according to your work.

Due to being a product of Google, you will not have any complaints with both of them because Google makes its products only for the benefit of the user.


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