Can WhatsApp Be Hacked On Android? (9 Questions Answered!)

Do you want to know if WhatsApp can be hacked on Android? So in this post, you will get both an answer and a solution so read the post carefully.

Yes, WhatsApp can be hacked on Android, if the login OTP of WhatsApp is automatically forwarded to another number. However, WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption technology to ensure the security of your messages. 

WhatsApp’s data can be stolen by hacking an Android smartphone, but only the WhatsApp app cannot be hacked at the moment. But we get to hear a lot of news every day where hackers hack WhatsApp easily. 

How Do Hackers Hack Whatsapp?

Hacker forwards your phone number to hack your WhatsApp. If the hacker is unable to do this, he injects a virus into your smartphone and slowly steals all your data. If your number is forwarded with any other number then you can easily know it, but if the virus is injected into your smartphone then it may take you a long time to know about it.

How To Know If My WhatsApp Is Hacked?

If your smartphone is consuming high data, then it is possible that your smartphone has been hacked. The high data consumption issue in smartphones is also generally caused by auto updates. But if the smartphone gets hacked, then the hackers keep sending the data of your smartphone to their servers.

Facebook i.e. Meta company owns WhatsApp, and because of this everyone is very concerned about the security of WhatsApp.

How Can I Stop My WhatsApp Being Hacked

To prevent WhatsApp from getting hacked, you must know some security tips. Android users should take care of these 4 things so that their WhatsApp is always safe. 

1. Do Not Click On Unknown Links

Never click on any unknown links found in WhatsApp groups or those links which are being forwarded many times. You can identify the messages that have been forwarded more times in WhatsApp. That’s why if any message has been forwarded more, do not click on the links of those messages.

Many times we get to see some messages in WhatsApp that promise to give you some offers and ask you to click on the link, in this case, you should not click on these links. By clicking on these links, you get redirected to a website. 

The website seems very secure to you, but these are fake websites that want to cheat you by luring you. And if you provide your personal information to these websites. So hackers can easily hack your android smartphone with this.

2. Don’t Reply To Unknown Numbers

On receiving messages from any unknown number, do check that number once. Do not reply to any message without checking that number. Because of this, the virus can be directly injected into your Android smartphone.

If you use number identification services, you will know the spam score of that number. But if you do not have this type of app, then you should check that message whether it is a normal message, or if any offer is being given in the message.

3. Don’t Install Third-Party Apps 

Installing apps from third-party websites is harmful to your Android Smartphone. It can inject viruses or steal data from your smartphone. So, every time you need an application, download it from a trusted source like the google play store. 

For android smartphones, the google play store is the best source to download and install apps. You can find any app in the google play store. However sometimes in the google play store, you get to see a lot of fake apps. But from the reviews, you can get to know what people will think about the app.

4. Remove Linked Devices

WhatsApp provides you the Linked Device feature for your convenience. But hackers can access your WhatsApp using this feature because there are a lot of WhatsApp web apps available on the internet if you use this type of app to link your WhatsApp, So the apps can access your WhatsApp.

5. Use Official Whatsapp 

Download or install the WhatsApp app only from Google Play Store. Because in the play store you get the official apk that provides you maximum security. Many people use GB WhatsApp or other mod WhatsApp apk to get more features in WhatsApp. But doing so is harmful to your smartphone and data. 

6. Use VPN

By using VPN, you can further improve the security of your Android smartphone. Because VPN keeps your real location hidden. If you visit any website using VPN, then before visiting you will know whether the site is secure or not.

How To Recover Hacked WhatsApp?

If your WhatsApp has been hacked, you can reinstall WhatsApp and login back to recover it. But for this, it is very important to have your SIM card with you. And if someone has scanned your WhatsApp account and linked it, then you open WhatsApp and click on the linked device. If any login is showing then click on it to log out.


How To Logout From Hacked Whatsapp?

To recover your hacked WhatsApp account, you need to install the official WhatsApp app on your smartphone and log in again. If you have your sim card with you then your account will be recovered otherwise contact with WhatsApp customer support team for recovery.

What To Do If Your WhatsApp Account Is Hacked?

First, uninstall the old WhatsApp apk from your smartphone, and reinstall it from the google play store. Uninstall all the third-party apps, and try to log in to WhatsApp. 

Can Someone Hack My Phone By Texting Me On WhatsApp?

No, but If you click on any link in the text, both your WhatsApp and smartphone can be hacked. That’s why don’t click on links in messages from any unknown number.

Can iPhone Be Hacked Through Whatsapp?

No, iPhones cannot be hacked through WhatsApp. The iPhone is quite secure but iPhone also gets hacked sometimes. That’s why you should not share any confidential things on your WhatsApp


It is not that WhatsApp is not secure, very good security is available in WhatsApp. But due to Facebook, many security issues have been seen in WhatsApp recently. 

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