How To Go Frame By Frame On Youtube

We all like to watch YouTube videos frame by frame, but we do not know how to play a YouTube video frame by frame. But today through this post we are going to tell you how you will go frame by frame in a YouTube video.

In 2018-19, if you press (,), (.) then you can go 1 sec forward or 1 sec back of youtube videos. But right now in the new update of YouTube, there is no right way to go frame by frame in the video.

We do not currently have any information about why YouTube removed this feature. As soon as we get any update about this feature, we will definitely update it in this post. That’s why keep our notifications on.

Ways to go frame by frame on Youtube

You have two options to go frame by frame in any YouTube video. First, you can increase or decrease the playback speed of the video or you download that YouTube video and open it in any external video player app or any video editor. Other than that, there’s no genuine way we can recommend you.

Now we have to know how you can increase or decrease the playback speed of any YouTube video and how you will download any video and turn it on in any video editor app or video player.

How To Increase Or Decrease The Playback Speed Of Youtube Videos

To increase and decrease the playback speed of any video on youtube, you have to open that video on youtube and click on the icon of Settings. After that click on the Playback Speed option. You can play your YouTube video at any speed. But keep in mind here that 0 means normal speed.

How to Play YouTube Videos in Any Video Player and Video Editor

To play YouTube videos in any video player app or video editing software, you have to download the YouTube video. After downloading, you have to open that video in the video playing app or video editing software. Then you can go frame by frame in that video


Can You Go Frame By Frame On Mobile Youtube?

Yes. You can go frame by frame through any YouTube video on your mobile.

How Do I Go Back To One-second Video On Youtube?

To go back one second of any video on YouTube, you have to manually move the videos back by 1 second from the slider.

What Is The Frame Rate Of Youtube Videos?

The true frame rate of YouTube videos is 24, 25, 30, 48, 50, and 60 frame rate. YouTube itself recommends it. However, we would recommend that you make a video with a 30 or 60-frame rate so that your watchers enjoy watching the video.

How Do I Put Youtube Videos On Repeat?

To listen to a YouTube video in repeat, you have to manually repeat it or you can add that video to a new playlist and repeat it.

Does Youtube Have Repeat Button?

No. There is no repeat button on YouTube. However, if you add a video by making a playlist. Then at the time of playing that playlist, you get the feature of how you want to play it.

How Do I Repeat A Youtube Video On Android?

On Android or Windows, you do not find any right way to put YouTube videos in repeat. But you can Repeat the videos by putting them in any playlist so that you do not need to open new videos again and again.

Does Youtube Have A Replay Button?

YouTube has a replay button. But for this you have to watch a video completely, after that YouTube will show you the replay button.

Why Does Youtube Not Have A Replay Button?

After watching the full video on YouTube, the replay button shows up. But why there is no one fix button for this, only the YouTube team knows it.

How Do You Repeat A Youtube Video On iPhone 2021?

Even on the iPhone, you have not been given any fix button to repeat YouTube videos. You have to watch the full youtube video to repeat it on your iPhone too.

Where Is The Loop Button On Youtube?

The loop button in YouTube is in your YouTube playlist. Whenever you turn on the playlist, you will see a button to loop.

How Do I Make A Video Loop?

To loop a YouTube video, you have to create a playlist and add a lot of different songs, videos, etc. to it.

How Do I Loop A Song On The Youtube App?

To listen to the songs in the loop in the YouTube app, you will have to create a playlist yourself or you will have to play the playlist you have already created.

Can You Loop A Youtube Video On Mobile?

Yes, You can watch videos in the loop in the YouTube app on any mobile.


YouTube videos sometimes need to be watched frame by frame. Because sometimes we have to go frame by frame to understand a tutorial video.

But YouTube has just removed the feature to move videos forward or backward by 1 second. That’s why you can go frame by frame of any YouTube video in our given way.

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