How To Speed Up Android Phone Performance In 2022

Does your smartphone lag every time? Does your smartphone heat more when playing games on your smartphone? 

Does your smartphone don’t give the same performance as a new smartphone? Don’t worry. Here are 9 ways by which you can speed up your Android smartphone

1. Using fewer apps

If you install a lot of apps on your smartphone, Then you will see a decline in the performance of your smartphone. For this, you have to check your mobile once, and how many apps you use on regular basis.

I suggest that apps that you use only once a month uninstall all of them. 

2. Uninstall web apps

Webapps mean that apps you get as websites, you should delete those apps and use them through any of your browsers.

If you use FacebookLinkedinTwitterInstagram, etc. apps, then delete them and use them from their official website.

3. Uninstall shopping apps

If you do more shopping then you will have a lot of shopping apps on your smartphone. You have to delete all the shopping apps from your mobile and you can also go to the website of those online shopping sites to do shopping.

All online shopping apps are available in the form of a website, due to which you can shop from their website.

4. Clean junk file

To delete the junk file, you will find lots of apps in the Google Play Store. And once the junk files have been deleted, you have to uninstall that app.

5. Clean storage 

To clean the storage, you need to delete all the useless photos videos files documents, etc. if your all photos, videos, and all documents are important then you can create a backup of your data in different cloud storage or a hard drive to save storage in your smartphone.

6. Off Account & sync 

All the Google accounts or apps you keep on your smartphone sync all data on your smartphone, which increases the load on the smartphone’s processor. So you have to turn off the auto-sync feature on your smartphone.

To turn it off, 

  • You have to go to the settings of your smartphone and 
  • After that, the option of Accounts & Sync will appear 
  • And after that, you have to turn off the auto-sync option on your account.

7. Reset your smartphone.

The easiest way to make a smartphone fast is to reset your smartphone, after that all useless things in the smartphone will be deleted and you will get your smartphone completely new. But keep in mind that before resetting, you should back up all the data of your smartphone.

8. Use a lightweight browser 

All of you must have been using some browser on your smartphone. Every browser always runs in the background. You have to delete your browser data. If you use a heavy browser, then uninstall it and install a lightweight browser.

9. Enable Developer Options

To make your smartphone fast through the developer option, you need to off 

  • Window animation scale,
  • Transition animation scale, and 
  • Animator duration scale.


How can I improve my old Android phone’s performance?

If the performance of your old smartphone is low, then you will have to reset your smartphone once. If your phone is running slow even after resetting, then you have to upgrade to a new smartphone. 

Can we increase RAM in mobile?

The smartphone does not get any features to increase RAM. But there are some smartphones in the market that can take some part from their internal storage and convert it to RAM. But in the smartphone, you will not get any feature of installing Ram separately.

What is the best app to speed up my Android?

Smartphone performance cannot be increased with the help of any app

How can I make my phone 2GB RAM faster? 

If your smartphone has 2GB of RAM, then you will not have to install more apps on your smartphone. Because, if more apps continue running in the background, the smartphone’s performance will be down

how to increase smartphone performance for gaming?

To increase your smartphone’s performance while playing games, you will have to disable all the apps on your smartphone.  And notifications will also have to be turned off.  It is necessary to have at least 4-5 GB of free space in your smartphone’s internal storage.

And you have to restart your smartphone once before playing all the games.  So that all the apps running on your smartphone will be turned off. If you have done all this you can easily increase the performance of your smartphone while gaming.


If your smartphone runs slowly, then follow all the steps given in this post. Hope your smartphone will get better. And after following all the steps share your experience with us by commenting. If you have any questions or suggestions, then email us, and follow our social media accounts to stay connected with us.

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