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6 Best Settings For Android Smartphones In 2022

Best Settings For Android Smartphones
Some important settings for Android users

Are you looking for some interesting settings for Android? Then this post is very beneficial for you. We are using the Android operating system since May 2010, from the Android 2.2 Froyo version, we have used many features and settings in Android.

Android Smartphones have become very advanced in 2022 and currently, there are many more interesting settings. Every day new features are added to the Android operating system. But not all users know how to use these fantastic features.

There are 6 such Android settings using which users can improve their experience and use Android as an advanced smartphone. Because most users do not know how to use these settings, then your smartphone will become unique in front of your friends.

All these settings can be used by all Android users without rooting Android. Because Google itself adds all these settings to Android, some settings are added by smartphone manufacturing companies.

1. Live Captions 

Video Consumption has become very high nowadays. And in such a situation, sometimes we have to watch some such videos which are in different languages, because of this we have trouble understanding what is being said in that video. In such a situation, you can use this amazing setting by Google called Live Caption.

To open Live Caption Settings, go to Settings on Android, open Accessibility, click on Accessible, scroll down, click on Subtitles, and enable the show captions only option. After enabling this setting, whenever you watch a video online, you will see the caption along with the video. 

2. Pin Applications

Application pinning is a security feature for all users because sometimes we have to give the smartphone to someone whether it is for making calls or playing games. In such a situation, someone may open other apps or messages on your smartphone, which are your private things.

To avoid this problem, you can use the PIN settings on the smartphone. That is, whenever you give your smartphone to someone, you pin any one app and give it to him and he will not be able to open any other app on your smartphone.

To open the pin setting in Android, open the settings, type pin in the search box, and click on the screen pinning option, now enable it and also enable the below request unlocking before unpinning screen option.

3. Faster Animation

In all Android smartphones, different types of animation are shown when the apps are opened or closed, this reduces the performance of the smartphone, so by using this setting, you can make your smartphone faster.

To use this feature, you have to enable the developer option of Android, if you do not know how to enable the developer option, then you can read our tutorial which is given below.

After enabling the developer option, you have to open settings, click on the system management option, scroll down, click on the developer option, click on the window animation scale option and select the off option.

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4. Nearby Share 

To share files in Android, apps like share it, Xender, etc. are used. But Google also gives the feature for sharing in Android. Using which files can be transferred very fast from one Android to another Android smartphone. And the name of this feature is Nearby Share.

To use this nearby share feature, first of all, go to the settings of Android, click on the option of Google, click on the option of devices & sharing, click on the Nearby Share option, the option in front of the off button at the top. Please enable it by clicking. 

5. Screen Refresh Rate

Nowadays all smartphones come with high refresh rates. And if you are using Android 11 on your smartphone then you will be able to check the exact refresh rate of your smartphone. However, with the help of this setting, you cannot change the refresh rate.

To use this setting, go to Settings, click System Management, click Developer Options, scroll down, and enable the Show refresh rate option. After this, the refresh rate of the screen will continue to show in any one corner of your screen.

6. pdf Maker

The feature of creating PDF is available in Android, but not everyone knows how to use it. To use it, you have to go to the gallery of Android and select all the photos, click on the more option below and click in the Ganerate PDF option. After this adjust all the images according to your need. And click on save option.

After this, go to the file manager of Android and open the DCIM folder, you can access all the PDF files by clicking on the folder. But keep one thing in mind that this setting may not be available in all Android smartphones.


These are some simple Android settings that Android users can use. Hope all the users have got benefited from this. Using any of the settings given in this post will not cause any software error in your smartphone.



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