Your Personal Information Can Be Stolen By Ad Blocker Apps And Extensions

Many ad-blockers are available on the Google Play Store and the web store. Some of these ad-blockers are safe, but most are fake, so if a user installs one of these fake ad-blockers. This fake ad blocker runs in the background without the user’s permission and steals the user’s data.

At the moment, it is not possible to determine how many people have downloaded and are using these fake apps and extensions. A number of extensions have been found in the Google Chrome web store that steals data from the users, so it is possible that some ad blocker extensions are also stealing data.

If fake adblockers are installed on the user’s device, then more data will be consumed in the device. However, those users who are using high-speed internet connection will not know about the consumption of more data.

Although data can be kept safe from all these fake adblockers, for this only the user has to uninstall these apps and extensions from his device, All the data that AdBlocker has stolen before, cannot be accessed, because all that data has already gone to their server.

Also, such fake apps and extensions should also be reported to Google so that Google can remove them from Play Store and Web Store. Google does not allow any fake apps and extensions on its platform, yet due to Android being open source, the number of fake apps is also seen in them.

Google removes millions of apps and extensions from its platform every year because all of them do not comply with all of Google’s rules, although as long as a fake app comes to Google’s notice, it steals the data of many users.

Shahnawaz Hussain
Shahnawaz Hussain
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