Whatsapp Web Is Completely Destroying Your Smartphone’s Security

Whether WhatsApp is a secure messaging app or not is a very controversial question. But still, WhatsApp is used the most. that’s why WhatsApp Web is being used a lot by users for some time now, and that’s why there are many unofficial apps available in Google Play Store to use WhatsApp Web

Also, there are many such websites available on the Internet, using which WhatsApp Web can be used. WhatsApp web is a very good feature for those people who have multiple devices. Because using this, WhatsApp can be run on 4 devices simultaneously.

Apart from WhatsApp, this feature is not available in any messaging app. WhatsApp is used by all smartphone users in the world, so this web feature is also harmful to smartphone users.

How Whatsapp Web Is Completely Destroying Your Smartphone’s Security

About 5 billion people use WhatsApp, but only 5-10 million people use WhatsApp Web. Because most of the users do not have multiple devices and not everyone is aware of this feature.

To use WhatsApp Web, we have to scan our device, and then through the notification in the smartphone, such a notification shows that WhatsApp Web is being used. Anyone can spy on our WhatsApp and smartphone using the WhatsApp web.

 If someone scans your WhatsApp and turns off WhatsApp notifications on your smartphone, then you will not even know that someone is spying on you.

And all your data will be accessed by someone else via WhatsApp Web. Because nowadays it is not necessary to keep the smartphone connected to the Internet to use WhatsApp Web.

All your WhatsApp data can be downloaded and misused by anyone through the WhatsApp web within a few hours. Nowadays everyone must have important data on WhatsApp because students to big celebrities also use WhatsApp web.

How To Secure Whatsapp Web

To make WhatsApp web secure, some settings have to be applied. With this, if someone has scanned your WhatsApp, then you can log out of the account from his device.

  1. From the Settings of the smartphone, open the Notifications option.
  2. Select WhatsApp.
  3. Click on the Other Notifications option and enable it.
  4. Open WhatsApp.
  5. Click on the 3 dots in the right corner.
  6. Click on the Linked Devices option.
  7. Check your device.
  8. If there is a device other than your device, then click on it.
  9. Click on Log out option.

After following all these steps, your WhatsApp is secure. But whenever you scan your WhatsApp, log out again after using it. So that you get 100% security.

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