Fake Cloud Storage Apps Spotted On Google Play Store

Google always removes fake apps from the Play Store, but there are many such cloud storage apps available in the Google Play Store, which can harm the data of the users. Because users do not get any kind of privacy in these apps.

These apps are getting a lot of downloads at the moment. In such a situation, the more the download number of these apps increases, the more users’ data will be in danger. 

At present, all these apps have not come to the notice of Google, if Google notices these apps in the Play Store, then Google will remove these apps from the Play Store.

Not All Of These Apps Have Real Publisher Information

All the apps available in the google play store have to be added to the publisher’s information in the play store, so these fake cloud storage apps mostly add fake publisher information. Also, there is no way to contact them in the apps. 

Some apps have added their official website but not all websites are currently online. In such a situation, if the data of the users is lost, then there is no way for the user to contact the customer support of these apps.

People use cloud storage apps so that their data remains secure in the cloud, all secure and good cloud storage providers give free storage in a limited amount. In such a situation, these fake cloud storage apps provide unlimited free cloud storage to the users and steal the data of users.

Searching the cloud storage in Google Play Store, you see many such apps, which have millions of downloads but very poor service and support are found in these apps.

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