Cloudpod Technology Is Providing 2TB Of Free Cloud Storage

Last year, a company called Cloudpod Technology launched a cloud storage service called ULTRA CLOUD. Currently, the company is providing 2TB cloud storage for free. Their Android application is available in the Google Play Store. Now, the app can also get 10K+ downloads in the Play Store.

The company claims that it does not sell the users’ data to any third party. The app has 2TB of secure cloud storage available to store videos, photos, files, etc. 165 Google Play Store users have also written reviews about the app after downloading the app.

A Google Play Store user named Jared Medio has written a review that he liked this app very much, and there is no problem with the app. He said that earlier he thought that this app would be fake but after downloading he got 2TB of free cloud storage.

Another user has written in the review that he is having a lot of problems with this app. The user says that he is not able to share files, not able save files in bulk, more ads, no customer service, etc. 

And another user told that he is not able to upload his 139MB file in this app. Mix reviews about this app are available in Google Play Store. However, how well the app can be known only by installing this app.

The company has told all its security features in the Google Play Store so that the user can know the security of this cloud storage. However, as much as secure encryption is available in popular cloud storage like Google Drive, One Drive, etc., it is not available in this cloud storage.

Shahnawaz Hussain
Shahnawaz Hussain
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