Download Mp3 From Youtube Videos ( #1 Best Possible Trick)

It is currently easy to download Mp3 from Youtube Videos using 3rd party apps and websites, but there is no option to download any video directly to the internal storage from the app or web version of YouTube.. But at present, there are so many third-party websites and apps available, using which the audio of any YouTube video can also be downloaded to the internal storage.

However, YouTube does not allow using such websites and apps, because all these apps and websites are not secure. And through these apps, you can be redirected to different websites at the time of downloading. That’s why before using all these apps and websites, please find and use a secure youtube mp3 downloading app.

How To Download Music From Youtube On A Computer/Android/Mac

There are different ways to download mp3 files of YouTube videos for Android, computers, and Macs. Because all are different operating systems and there is no official and legal app to download YouTube videos for any operating system.

The best way to download mp3 from youtube videos on android is to use a video app. Videoder is a very popular and useful app using which any YouTube video can be downloaded in mp3.

  1. Install Videoder App
  2. Give All necessary permission.
  3. Open youtube
  4. Click on the share icon
  5. Now click on the videoder app icon
  6. Select file resolution
  7. Click on the start download button

There is no app of Vidoder available for Windows operating system or other computers, so those users will have to use third-party mp3 downloading websites.

  1. Open the browser and visit
  2. Search your video
  3. Copy the link
  4. Search youtube mp3 downloader in google
  5. Open any website
  6. Paste the link
  7. Click on the download option

Use YTMP3 To Download Mp3 From Youtube Videos

YTMP3 is a very good and popular website with the help of which one can download mp3 from 

Because there is no server error on this website. However, sometimes due to high traffic on these downloading websites, you can get low downloading speed.

any youtube video. This website is free and by using it you can download mp3 at high speed.

This website is absolutely secure and there is no security alert when you visit this website from the Google Chrome browser. Because if the website is not secure, then Google Chrome gives alerts before visiting the website.

Both Mp3 and Mp4 of any YouTube video can be downloaded from this website, so you can definitely use this website. 

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Shahnawaz Hussain
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