How To Make Money With Blogspot In 2022

If you want to know how to make money with Blogspot, then this post will be very helpful for you. Because in this post, full information has been given about how to earn money by creating a unique blog on Blogspot. You will also get information about how to grow a blog using Blogger in this post.

Blogspot is the domain extension of Blogger, that is, anyone can take a domain for free with in Blogger. Blogspot domain is available for free but later if your blog grows then you need a unique domain. That is why at the time of creating a blog in Blogger, you should buy a new domain so that you will not have any problems in the coming time.

What Is Blogspot?

Blogspot i.e. Blogger is a free blogging platform from Google, using which anyone can create a blog for free and earn money. In simple language, Blogspot ie Blogger is a content management system (CMS) of Google. Google is an American-based company, that’s why the blogger is also from America.

In Blogspot i.e. Blogger, no money has to be paid for hosting a blog because Blogger is a product of Google, that’s why Google’s servers are used here. Apart from this, a free domain is also available, although there will always be a Blogspot extension with the domain.

How To Make Money With Blogspot

To earn money with Blogspot, first, you have to create a blog in Blogger but to create a blog, you need to take care of some important things, the first niche is the topic of the blog. For the topic in which you have the most knowledge, you should make a blog on the same topic in Blogger.

How to Make a Free Blog Website on
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  1. Select any one topic.

Find out about which topic you have the most knowledge of or about which subject you are interested in. Because if you start a blog, then the content is needed for the blog, and to write the content, you should select any interesting topic that you like. You can write more and more content on your favorite topic and you can grow more.

  1. Create a new google account

Everyone has a Google Account, but you shouldn’t be using your Google Account when creating a blog. It is wise to have an additional account for the blog. After creating a new Google account, you visit Blogger from the same account so that your blog can be created in the new account only.

  1. Visit

You can visit Blogspot i.e. Blogger only from, that’s why you have to write Blogger in Google and first click on the link. If you will visit Blogger for the first time, then you may get to see some instructions, after that you have to select the option of Create A blog.

  1. Write the title of your blog

First of all, you have to write a good title for your blog, while writing a title you can write an interesting line about your topic. Although the title can be changed later, that’s why write whatever comes to your mind in the title and later when any new idea comes, change the title.

  1. Write the domain of the blog

The domain name is the address of your blog, using which the user and the Google bot reach your blog, before selecting the domain, you can add any word associated with your topic to your domain. To have a good domain name, you can take some ideas by looking at the domains of other websites,

  1. Select a theme

You can already see a lot of themes in Blogspot ie Blogger, you can use any theme in your blog, and if you want to install a third-party theme in the blog then you can. Because on many websites on the internet, you get to see stylish blogger templates for free.

Setting up extra themes in Blogspot is a bit difficult, that’s why you can watch a tutorial video on youtube to install and customize any theme.

  1. Write and publish a post

After making all the settings, you can publish the post, before writing the post, keep in mind that you should write the post yourself because if you copy the post from another website then Google will never rank your blog.

And write all the posts in such a way that if the user reads your post once, then all the problems of the user will be solved and again the user does not have to search for that problem in Google.

  1. Monetize with Google Adsense

To earn money using Blogspot i.e. Google’s free blogger, you have to take the approval of Google Adsense for your blog. To do Google Adsense, you have to follow all the policies of Google.

For Adsense approval, you have to publish at least 30-50 posts. And write all the posts unique and well so that you can get Adsense approval as soon as possible.

Benefits Of Using Blogspot

Using Blogspot i.e. Google’s free blogger is very beneficial. Some of the best benefits are given below.

  • it’s free:

 Like all Google products, Blogger is also free. And by using it you can earn millions and in return, you do not have to spend any hosting expenses.

  • Can handle unlimited traffic: 

No hosting company provides good hosting at a low price, and if a lot of users come together in your blog, then the cheap hosting company cannot handle much traffic.

  • No server issue

Sometimes server error comes in the hosting of many companies, but no error can be seen in the servers of Google. Because Google is a very big company and Google uses its own data centers to host all its products online.

  • It’s simple

Like all Google products, Blogger is also very simple, using it to write posts and blogging is very easy. The user interface of is quite simple, due to which it is easy for the users to understand all the options.

Disadvantages Of Using Blogspot

Due to being simple and free, we get to see some deficiencies in Blogspot ie, which a blogger can have some trouble with.

  • Lack of features is a free service, so it does not get many features, due to which a professional look cannot be given to a blog easily. And there is currently no option to install any plugin in blogger. However, if you know to code then it will be easy for you.

  • Content can’t be optimized much

There is no SEO plugin available for bloggers, that’s why you have to do everything yourself to make any post SEO optimized in blogger. And because of this, it may take you some time to learn SEO.

  • The trouble with theme customizations

Themes is one such thing that helps in giving a professional look to your blog, so customizing the theme is very important. But it is very difficult to customize the theme in blogger.

How To Grow Blog With Blogspot Domain

A domain name, theme, title, etc. are not important to growing a blog. Content is the biggest way to make a successful blog. That is why in order to grow a blog with a Blogspot domain, you have to pay attention to writing unique and helpful content.

The better your writing is, the faster you can grow your blog. You have to write high-quality content, only then you can grow a blog and publish posts with it in a regular blog. Because even consistency can make a blog successful.


Can I Earn Money With Blogger In 12 Minutes?

No one can earn money after 12 minutes of starting any blog, you have to give some time to earn money from a blog. And you have to improve your content and blog, only then you can earn money.

Can I Earn Money Through Blogspot?

AdSense also approves the Google Blogspot domain, and good money can be earned from Blogspot, for this, it is necessary to get more traffic to your blog. The more traffic comes to the blog, the more money you can earn.

Why Do Bloggers Fail?

The reason for blogger failure is wrong SEO techniques, inconsistency, not writing good content, copying, not following Google’s policy, etc. Although every blogger fails in the beginning, it does not mean that no one can grow.

Why Is Blogger Used? is used for blogging, using it, anyone can share their mind with the world through writing. Google’s is very beneficial for everyone. Because money can also be earned with writing from this.

Does Blogspot Still Exist?

Yes, Google’s Blogspot still exists, and it is still used a lot, Blogspot is the first choice of all bloggers.

Does Google Still Support Bloggers?

Yes, Google helps bloggers, all bloggers in the world work for Google, so Google gives suggestions about how to write content and optimize for Google. But Google does not help anyone bloggers directly.

Can I Make Money From Free Blogger Blog?

Yes, money can be earned from Google’s free blog. But it will take some time and the use of a good content strategy.

How Fast Can You Make Money Blogging?

It will take you 4-10 months to earn money from blogger blog, and it may take longer than that. It will depend how hard you work and what is your strategy


Earning money from Google’s Blogspot is not a difficult task, you have to keep working in the right way, and only then you can earn money from it. Read all the policies of Google and write posts according to the need of Google and the user. So that you can rank in Google as soon as possible and earn money.

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