Garena Free Fire Evo Gun Redeem Code in January

Hello friends, do you guys want free Evo gun skin for free fire, then in this post, you will get to see a lot of codes of Evo guns. These codes can be redeemed in your account through the Free Free Redeem website.

By using all the codes given in this post, you can get permanent Evo gun skin very easily. These Evo gun skin codes will be updated from time to time. That’s why you should check these codes at least 3 times a day.

Free Fire Redeem Codes

In this post, you have been given 16 redeem codes. All redeem codes are for EVO guns. And with all guns, you will also get Evo tokens so that you can max level all Evo gun skins.

  1. FG5G-YIHB-76TG: M1014 – Green Flame Draco ( Level Max)
  2. 6T7Y-HBGJ-HF78: AK Blue Flame Draco AK ( Level Max)
  3. FEDJ-BFB7-GHBJ: MP40 – Predatory Cobra ( Level Max)
  4. 5TGD-MHBG-8U90: SCAR – Megalodon Alpha ( Level Max)
  5. WRTG-56YH-8U9I: XM8 – Destiny Guardian ( Level Max)
  6. 6758-VG7Y-JHB8: UMP – Booyah Day 2021 ( Level Max)
  7. TG6Y-HBGS-HBGS: MP40 – Predatory Cobra ( Level 4}
  8. GHXA-HGBH-JHG6: M1014 – Green Flame Draco ( Level 3)
  9. 6TYB-NGYN-JNGG: SCAR – Megalodon Alpha ( Level 3)
  10. 35GV-NGB6-JNHF:  Booyah Day 2021 ( Level 4)
  11. 6T7U-BGN8-NBVO:  AK Blue Flame Draco AK ( Level 4)
  12. 4RF6-JNH7-GV6Y: SCAR – Megalodon Alpha ( Level 5)
  13. 67BF-NH67-GVH7:  XM8 – Destiny Guardian ( Level 4)
  14. 6Y57-I8J7-UH7J: UMP – Booyah Day 2021 ( Level 4)
  15. 56BH-RTYU-87IJ: UMP – Booyah Day 2021 ( Level 6)
  16. 34RF-7Y8U-BHJK: AK Blue Flame Draco AK ( Level 2)

With the help of all the above codes, you can get an EVO gun in your free fire id. But keep in mind that redeem quickly because a lot of people are redeeming these codes.

What to do if I don’t get Gun Skin

If you do not get Free Fire Evo Gun Skin, then keep subscribing to our website. Because every day new redeem codes will keep coming in this website. So visit this website every day. You check this website for 2 minutes every day, you will definitely get gun skin and your money will also be saved.

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