How Long Does A Mid-Range Smartphone Last?

Most mid-range smartphones last for 2-6 years, After about 3 years, the performance of processors, battery, display, fingerprint sensors, etc. of a mid-range smartphone decreases as compared to a new smartphone. Because the specification of a mid-range smartphone is not that good, the smartphone is not able to give you consistent performance for a long time. 

A mid-range smartphone does not get software and security updates for a long time. Because of this, we can get to see a lot of bugs in the software of the smartphone. If the software and hardware are good, then mid-range smartphones can last for a very long time. But smartphone makers do not give both good hardware and software together in a mid-range smartphone.

What Is a Mid-Range Smartphone?

The mid-range smartphone costs around $150-350, and the mid-range smartphone means that all the smartphones within this price range will have fewer specifications than a premium smartphone and better than an entry-level smartphone.

The mid-range smartphone is perfect for students, children, housewives, seniors, businesses, etc. Because the price of the mid-range smartphones is also less and the features are also more and better.

Apart from the Apple company, most smartphone companies Davide their smartphones in the entry-level, mid-range, and premium 3 categories, but the Apple company does not launch its entry-level smartphones because all the smartphones of Apple are in the premium category.

In simple language, the smartphone which gives better specifications at the price of 100-500 dollars is called the mid-range smartphone. Because the lowest price of a smartphone can be $ 50 and the cost of the most premium smartphone is more than $ 1000.

Do Mid-Range Smartphones Come With Good Specifications?

At present, the mid-range smartphone offers features like a 108MP camera sensor, Snapdragon 8 series processors, stock Android, AMOLED screen, high refresh rate, fast charging, etc. All these features were earlier available only in more expensive smartphones, but at present, all these features are available in a mid-range smartphones.

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Before 2019, all the mid-range smartphones that were available in the market were not launched with very good specifications, but from 2020 onwards, mid-range smartphones started getting very good specifications. Some company gives good specification in their mid-range smartphone, and even some premium companies’ smartphones are not able to get them.

Is It Worth Buying A Mid-Range Smartphone In 2022

Xiaomi, Poco, Vivo, Oppo, etc. companies make mid-range and entry-level smartphones, and all these companies’ mid-range smartphones sell a lot because they have good specifications. 

When the question is whether you should buy a mid-range smartphone in 2022 or not, then the answer is yes. Because mid-price smartphones have become very powerful these days and it is beneficial to take mid-range smartphones.

To get a premium smartphone, more money has to be paid, as well as if there is any damage to the premium smartphone, then it also becomes more expensive to fix it. 

These days, all types of heavy tasks like playing video games, editing high-resolution videos, etc. are all possible in mid-range smartphones. Also, due to the good performance of these smartphones, you can play any big game without any lag.

Smartphone Lifespan By Brand

Here is a list of the average lifespan of smartphones from some popular brands.

BrandLifespan in Years
Apple iPhone4-15 Years
Samsung3-8 Years
Motorola3-6 Years
OnePlus4-6 Years
Oppo3-5 Years
Vivo3-6 Years
Poco3-5 Years
Xiaomi4-6 Years
Nothing2-4 Years


How Long Does A Phone Battery Last?

Smartphone batteries do last for 4-7 years, lithium-ion batteries are used in smartphones, which last for a long time if they are charged or discharged well. But the health of the battery of smartphones i.e. how good the battery backup will be after a long time also depends on the charging and other factors of the smartphone.

How Long Does A Phone Battery Last In A Day?

After a full charge in a smartphone, the battery backup gives 4-10 hours, that is, after fully charging the smartphone, you can use the phone for 4-10 hours throughout the day. But how much will be the battery backup of the smartphone, depends on your usage and the health of the battery.

How Long Should You Have A Phone Before Getting A New One?

If the condition of the smartphone is good, then a smartphone can be used comfortably for 2-4 years. Before buying a new smartphone, the user should check his requirements whether the old smartphone is able to handle all the tasks easily or not.

Can A Smartphone Last 10 Years?

Yes, a premium quality smartphone can last for 5-10 years if used properly. But after 3-4 years, the performance of the processors, cameras, batteries, etc. of the smartphone can see a lot of decline. However, to use a smartphone for 10 years, the battery of the phone may need to be replaced once.

What Is The Average Life Of A Smartphone?

Smartphones can have an average life of 3-6 years or more, depending on the hardware, software, updates, uses, etc. of the smartphone. Because there is no direct answer to how long the life of a smartphone will be, the life of a smartphone depends on all these things.

Are Mid-Range Phones Worth It?

A mid-range smartphone is worth it for any person because, in mid-range smartphones, all the features are available according to the needs of the user. That is why buying an excellent mid-range smartphone can be a profitable deal instead of investing money in a premium smartphone.

Can I Use A Smartphone For 5 Years?

If you use the smartphone only for calling and text messaging, then you can use a smartphone comfortably for 5 years. However, you will not get a chance to use the latest tech according to the time.

Should I Replace My Phone After 5 Years?

Yes. You should change a smartphone after 5 years or before because the smartphone is a part of your daily life. According to the time, if you do not keep your smartphone updated, then it is possible that after 2 years you will not get as much performance from your smartphone as a new smartphone.

How Often Should You Replace Your Smartphone?

In our opinion, you should change the smartphone every 2 years, if you want to do gaming, video editing, browsing, photography, etc. in your smartphone.

How Long Do Samsung Phones Last?

Bugatti, mid-range, premium mid-range, premium, etc. Samsung smartphones of all categories normally last more than 5 years. At present, Samsung is provides updates for 5 years in many of its smartphones.


Mid-range smartphones are selling a lot in 2022, that’s why everyone is thinking about these mid-range smartphones and buying mid-range smartphones. So through this post, everyone can decide whether they should buy a mid-range smartphone. Before buying a mid-range smartphone, please do research about all the mid-range smartphones in the market so that you can invest in a good smartphone only.

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