How To Download Videos From Pinterest (6 Simple Steps)

If you want to download videos from Pinterest then read this post carefully. Videos cannot be downloaded directly from Pinterest, because currently, the downloading feature in both the Pinterest app and website is not for videos. However, images can be downloaded from the Pinterest app.

There are many apps available for Android that can be used to download videos from Pinterest. But not all apps are the best, because in most apps a lot of errors are seen. But in this post, a link to download the best app has been given. After downloading and installing, you will be able to download videos from Pinterest without any error.

How To Download Videos From Pinterest To Gallery

There are many apps in the google play store to download videos from android smartphones on Pinterest but there is no such application for ios. So using this method only Android users will be able to download videos from Pinterest.

Step 1: Install Pinterest Video Downloader App From Google Play Store

There are many mobile applications available in the Google Play Store to download videos from Pinterest. However, you can download the best of these apps by clicking on the link given below. The size of this application is only 3.7 MB, so this application will not consume too much RAM in the smartphone.

Download Videoder Apk

Step 2: Open Pinterest Mobile Application

Open the Pinterest mobile application so that you can copy the link to your post. Because when you open the post in the application, only then you will get to see the link of the post.

Step 3: Open Post And Copy Link

First of all, open the video that you want to download and click on the Save button. After that click on the share button, now you will see all types of sharing options, select the copy link option, and close the app. 

Step 4: Go To Pinterest Downloader App

Open the app you downloaded from Google Play Store and enable all necessary permissions. Keep in mind that for this type of app, do not enable permissions of anything other than internal storage such as mic, camera, location, etc.

Step 5: Past Your Link

Paste the link which was copied from Pinterest in the box, After pasting the link, click on the download option.

Step 6: Click On Download Now Button

This app will take 2-10 seconds to verify the video, and after the URL checking is completed, click on the download now option. Your video will start downloading. After this, you can watch the video on Pinterest on the internal storage of your smartphone and you can also share it.


Is It Safe To Download Images From Pinterest?

Yes, it is safe to download videos from Pinterest, it will not harm your smartphone’s data in any way. With the help of the Pinterest app, you can download any images i.e. save them in the internal storage of your smartphone. For this, there is a save feature in the Instagram app.

Why Can’t I Download Video From Pinterest?

The reason why you are not able to download videos from Pinterest is that there is no option to save or download videos from Pinterest. However, you can easily download videos from Pinterest by using third-party apps or websites.

Is There An App To Download Pinterest Videos?

Yes, there are many such apps for Android in Google Play Store and other third-party websites that can download videos from Pinterest. All the Pinterest video downloading apps in the Google Play Store, all these apps are secure.


Pinterest does not allow downloading videos, so there is no downloading option in the Pinterest app. You can download videos only from third-party apps. All the methods for this are mentioned in this post. Please follow all methods carefully.

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