3 Best Settings For Google Users

Google is used by all smartphone users in the world because Android, YouTube, and Google search engine, or all are Google’s products. That’s why in this post today we will talk about 3 settings for Google users. Due to this the experience of using Google will increase even more.

All Google users can use all these settings at the time of searching in Google and while using any product of Google. Because Google’s ecosystem is very good, so by using all these settings, users will be able to do their daily tasks easily.

Google takeout

A lot of companies have a big data of all the time you spend on the Internet. Similarly, Google also stores a lot of your data on its servers. Google has all kinds of data like your travel history, search history, voice note, voice search, internet activity, etc.

However, Google does not sell any user’s data to third-party companies. But Google uses all this data to give you a better user experience. Google takeout is a website of Google, by visiting which you can find out what Google stores about you.

After visiting this website, all your data is with Google, you can delete it in one click and you can also download those data.

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My Activity 

Google My Activity keeps all your data information, how many Google searches you did throughout the day, how many YouTube videos you watched, which apps you searched in your Google Play Store, etc. You can see the information in Google my activity. In Google My Activity, you can restrict or delete your search history.

Google Safe Search 

Google safe search is a feature of the google chrome browser. Some settings have to be applied to use it. After this, whenever you visit any unknown website, Google will alert you in advance whether that website is secure for your data or not.

Using Google Safe Search, every time you search Google, you will see only those websites which are secure for you. This prevents your smartphone from being hacked

Nowadays, many websites are not secure for your data. That is why before visiting those websites, you can find out whether the website is secure or not. Google Safe Search is a very good feature and it should be used by all the users.


Where Is Settings Page On Google?

Settings for Google Account are available in the default Settings app of your Android smartphone. If you are not able to access it, then you can also visit it by searching Google Settings. However, some features can be used only through the settings of Android such as nearby share.

How Do I Open Google Settings On My Android?

To open Google Settings on an Android smartphone, open the default settings, scroll down and select the Google option. Now select your primary Google account if you have multiple Google accounts. Click on the Manage Account Option.

How Do I Reset My Google App Settings?

There is no direct option to reset the settings of the Google App, if any error is coming in Google App, then uninstall the app and download it back, this will fix all the errors of the app. And if you want to change the settings, then click on the profile icon and click on the Settings option.


Many products of Google are currently available and all the products are unique and beneficial. That’s why everyone uses Google. This may take some time to learn due to the different settings and features of each of these products. In the post, some settings of different products of Google have been told. Because the settings of each product are different, then you can check different tutorials for that.

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