How To Scan Documents On iPhone/Android

Do you want to scan any documents professionally from iPhone or Android for free and convert those documents into JPEG, PDFs, etc? So this post will help you to scan documents from any smartphone.

Even if your smartphone does not have a good-quality camera, you will still be able to scan any documents well. All the methods given in this post are absolutely free. You do not need to pay money for any app or website.

To scan documents in both Android and iPhone smartphones, you will find many apps in the Play Store or App Store, but scanning in all apps is not easy and good.

Scan Documents on iPhone/Android Using Adobe

There is already a scanning feature for scanning documents on the Apple iPhone. But this feature is not available in most Android smartphones. But today we will not talk about the default scanning feature of the iPhone. Because according to us this feature is not so advanced.

That’s why today we will learn how to scan documents with the Adobe Scanner application. Adobe Scanner application is available in the play store or app store for free for both android and ios.

Adobe Scanner application is a very advanced and good scanner application. With this, you can scan any document and make a pdf and photo of it.

So. To scan documents with an Adobe scanner, you have to follow the given steps.

  1. Download the Adobe Scanner application from the play store or AppStore.
  2. Open the Adobe Scanner app and sign up.
  3. allow all permissions
  4. If you want to scan documents, then click on the option of documents.
  5. Keep the documents in a flat place and keep your mobile straight towards the documents.
  6. Adobe will automatically adjust your documents
  7. After scanning, you will see the scanned page and click on the keep scanning option.
  8. If you have more than one page then scan all the pages.
  9. Click on the Save PDF option
  10. If you want to save the scanned pages as photos then you click on the save as JPEG option.
  11. To save the scanned page as a pdf to your smartphone’s internal storage Click on the more option and click on the copy to device option.

In the More option, you will be able to see different features, some of these features are premium and some are free. If you want to access all these features then you can subscribe to Adobe Scanner.

In this, you get to see a lot of features for free. Along with this, you also get 2 GB cloud storage for free in which you can store all the documents scanned with an Adobe scanner.


Where Do I Find My Scanned Documents On My iPhone/Android?

If you scan documents with the iPhone’s default camera feature, then you will find all the scanned documents in Notes. If you scanned from Adobe in Android /iPhone and copied it to the Internet storage. Then you will get all the scanned files in the same folder in which you copied the pdf file.

Is There A Way To Scan Documents And Send them To Another Contact On My iPhone?

Yes, If you scan any document on your iPhone, then you can send that document to anyone. To send, find the scanned documents from your internal storage and send the one you want to send via email or WhatsApp, telegram, etc.

How Do I Scan A Document As A Pdf On My iPhone?

To scan documents as pdf on iPhone, you will need the Adobe Free Scanner app. With the help of this application, you can scan any document and make a PDF of it. The process of creating a PDF is given above.

Does The iPhone Have A Scanner?

Yes, On iPhone, you can scan and make a photo of it with the default camera app. This feature is free on iPhone.

How Do I Scan A Document And Email It As A Pdf On iPhone?

To email documents as pdf from your iPhone, you have to scan Adobe Scanner. After that save the scanned documents in pdf. After saving the PDF file in the internal storage, You can email that file.

Where Do Documents Go When You Scan Them On iPhone?

If you scan documents with the iPhone’s default camera, that file gets saved in Notes. But if you save the documents in JPEG then all your scan files will be saved in the camera roll.

Can I Scan A Document With My Phone?

Yes, If you have a smartphone then you can scan any document. And you can save it in PDF, JPEG, etc format. And you can print it too.

Can Documents Scan On iPhone Be Seen By Non-iPhone users?

Yes, If you have saved the scanned documents on the iPhone in JPEG or pdf format, then these documents can be seen by Android or other operating system users.


Scanning documents with android/iPhone is very easy. But for this, you will need an external application. Adobe scanner application is a very clean and good scanner application.

If you are facing any problems in scanning the documents. Then you can tell us through the comment section.

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