3 Impossible Challenges for Elon Musk 

Elon Musk is considered to be the richest and most powerful person in the world. Because Elon Musk has everything that any human can only think of. It was because of Elon Musk that Tesla cars were made. Till a few years back, people were only thinking about automatic cars but Elon Musk and his company proved it to be true.

At the moment, a tweet by Elon Musk can shake the entire stock market, because people believe that the thing that Elon talks about will be of great benefit to them in the future. But today there are some challenges for Elon Musk which may make it impossible for him to complete it.

The First To Push Back The Price Of Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies

There is no doubt that Elon was behind the rise in the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. But right now the price of almost all cryptocurrencies has come down a lot. 

The reason for the decrease in the price of cryptocurrency is the tax and rules imposed on crypto by the government in different countries. People invested in crypto after seeing the tweets of Elon Musk and the price of crypto increased a lot, but when the government is not liking crypto, then people are not finding it beneficial to invest in it. Because it is obvious that if the government imposes a tax, then people will also have to pay tax on that thing.

Now even if Elon Musk tweets back and says good about crypto, then there is a high chance that the price of crypto will not increase. Because this time people are paying more attention to the rules of the government.

Making a Platform Bigger Than Google and YouTube

The whole internet is incomplete without the Google search engine and YouTube. In such a situation, there is no big competitor in front of Google. If Elon Musk can make a search engine like Google and an alternative video streaming platform to YouTube, then it will be good for everyone.

Although this task is not easy, search engines and video streaming platforms can make it difficult, but making it popular and successful like Google, and YouTube will be very difficult for Elon Musk. Because videos of almost all types of world are available on YouTube, Google has the answer to any question.

To Arrange Food For All Those Who Do Not Have Money To Eat

Elon Musk donated $ 6 billion to the UN World Food Program some time ago to fight against hunger. But $6 billion is not enough to feed all the hungry people of the whole world. Currently, the challenge for Elon Musk is to regularly remind his followers to help these hungry people.

We all know that every year millions of people in the world die due to hunger because they do not have money to eat. It is not that those people cannot earn money, these dying people are from those areas in which there is nothing to work and nothing to eat.

A tweet by Elon Musk can bring food to eat to all these people, this challenge has been given to Elon Musk because he will definitely be able to complete it. If the whole world listens to Elon Musk, then maybe after his tweet, all the people of the world should help these hungry people.

Every year Elon Musk and other space agencies spend billions and dollars to go to space, can’t a little part of that money be used to help these people. Because no matter how high a person wants to go, it always has an end. So in such a situation, if you are capable enough that because of you, no one is able to sleep hungry, then you should definitely do such things.

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