Videoder Apk Review (Best For Downloading And Streaming)

Whenever we have to download a video from YouTube, Instagram, or any other website, then we have a lot of problems, but at present, an app called videoder has made this task very easy.

Because it is easy to use and can download any video in high quality from all platforms. However, Google does not allow this type of app in the Play Store. Because of this, you can download videos from YouTube and other social media applications.

YouTube and other video streaming platforms suffer a lot due to apps like Vidodere because users can download videos using these apps. That’s why people do not like to visit these streaming platforms.

What Is The Videoder App?

Videoder is a mobile application that can download any video or audio from any website or streaming platform. This app is free but it is available only on Android, in Windows, it can be used through an emulator.

4k videos can also be easily downloaded from youtube using a videoder. And videoder reduces the file size of any video slightly, due to which the downloading time is also reduced.

Way to download audio and video in Videoder app

Videos can be downloaded from any website or online streaming platform that Vidoder supports. Follow these steps to download audio and videos

  1. Open videoder app
  2. From whichever website you want to download video or audio, open it
  3. search video
  4. open the video
  5. Select the quality of audio or video
  6. Click on the start download option

But keep in mind that if you visit any video streaming website, it shows you a small download icon in the corner. Video or audio can also be downloaded by clicking on that icon.

Pros and Cons

No app is perfect, yet this app is very good. Its use is beneficial for everyone. The Pros and cons of this app are given below.


  • small size app
  • Fast Downloading Speed
  • Supports almost all popular websites to download videos
  • almost secure
  • clean user interface
  • no network issue


  • more useless ads
  • Paid subscription cost is high
  • Not available on ios and google play store
  • Not getting regular updates

Privacy And Security

The Videoder app is much more secure than any other third-party video-downloading app. Apart from storage, no extra permissions are needed to use this app. The most important thing is that this app does not do any background processing, this shows that no major security issue comes to the smartphone by using this app.

Like other apps, no unusual data consumption issue has ever been seen in this app to date. Because this app has been available on the internet for a long time and people also like to use it. 

how to download and install the videoder app

Follow the steps given below to download and install the videoder app on Android smartphones

  1. Click on the download button given below.
  2. Download the videoder apk file.
  3. Open the file by going to the internal storage
  4. Click on the install button.

Download Videoder Apk


Is It Safe To Use Videoder App?

Yes, It is safe to use the videoder application for your device. There is no major security issue in this app. That’s why any Android smartphone user can use this app. 

Does Videoder Still Work?

Yes, the videoder app still works well and any video can be downloaded at high speed. Updates keep coming in this app from time to time, due to which this app works in all the latest Android versions.

Is Videoder Safe For Pc?

The Videoder app is not available for pc, however, it can be installed in any android emulator on pc. And on pc also this app is as safe as android.

Does Videoder Steal Data?

No, the Videoder app does not steal any kind of data from the device. If there is a danger of data theft, then keep all permissions off and give permissions only at the time of need.


The Videoder app is a very good free option to download videos and audio. Make sure to use it. But download this app only from trusted sources. Because many duplicate versions of this app are also available on the internet it is not safe for your data.

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